And Lenin’s “gullible idiots” thought they elected an anti-Bush

Journalist in legal fight with Obama administration over sources – Reporters Without Borders:,41256.html

Reporters Without Borders deserves a LOT of doubt, after its biased coverage in favor of leftist threats and assassinations against freedom in Honduras in 2009 and condemning its restoration of constitutional order, but this is a proper story:

Since President Obama took office, his administration has initiated five prosecutions of alleged leakers under the Espionage Act. This is the highest number under any administration. There is no federal shield law in the United States that could allow journalists to protect their sources.

This from the administration of the president that said his would be the most “transparent” ever, and has made it the most closed and secretive.

Hey, Reporters without Borders: Where are you on Obama’s efforts to find a way to shut down Fox News? What is your position on the OWS march on Rupert Murdoch’s PERSONAL home? Are you going to defend free speech there??

At least they give some publicity to this one too:

Venezuelan authorities impose 2-million-dollar fine on private TV station – Reporters Without Borders:,41244.html

What is crazy is that groups like this seem to avoid the connection between government interference in economic freedom and how it muzzles free speech, and cuts the knees off any credible political opposition.

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