Missouri Republicans I salute you

Mo. Republicans set March presidential caucuses | The Associated Press | Nation | Washington Examiner:

I don’t like primary elections for candidacy nominations. First of all, the use of state machinery for these exercises are rigged in favor of the biggest parties, and save the parties the cost of elaborating their own infrastructure for it. They have no business using taxpayer-financing for their selection process.

It’s just another way the two parties have a scoundrel’s agreement (gentlemanly between them but not toward the taxpayers and voters in the real elections.

So Missouri decided to caucus instead. Good for them!

Now to continue the campaign against voting into machines. Paper ballots are the only defense against all the flaws in electronic voting machines. There is no defense against administrators. Have the counting done in public with onlookers from all sides observing.

Remember: Golden Rule politics.


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