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“Separation of church and state”, anti-constitutionalists know, has been used deceitfully to support the banning of free exercise by teachers and by judges AND BY PARENTS, even where there is no “Congress” passing any “law”.

The first Congress knew that having (paid) chaplains before sessions and in the Army was not a violation of what they themselves put in the Constitution. But it was Tea Party Christians like Patrick Henry who “held the Constitution hostage” by insisting on the Bill of Rights as a condition not only for supporting passage of the Constitution, but promising to sabotage it without written recognition of GOD given rights like the FREE EXERCISE thereof of religion.

Telling parents they cannot use voucher money to exercise their natural rights to send the kid to an atheist school or a religious school is a violation of free exercise.

Government should get totally out of interfering with education anyway, especially the federal government which is forbidden to it by the US Constitution.

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