Rick Steves’ “political statement” backfires on itself

Apparently this millionaire is upset that the IRS doesn’t take even more of his money, so he’s donating it to the “Edmonds Center for the Arts”: http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20110825/NEWS01/708269915

But this is precisely what tax freaks need to learn: Being good to the poor and to needy causes means giving YOUR OWN money to those causes, NOT your neighbors’!

Seizing your fellow citizens’ income by force of taxation, whether by majority vote or not, is THEFT, it is STEALING from them.

Giving of your own money is fine and dandy.

I can think of better places for his money than he can, though, obvious from this donation. I have been a missionary in poor countries where this money could have provided a good private education for kids who are stuck with learning from unionized mafias that are on strike most of the year. Even keeping in this country, it could have provided an escape from one of the worst educational systems in developed countries..

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