OAS: HRF Calls on Insulza to Resign as Secretary General; Report Reveals Mishandling of Honduran Crisis

It’s time for this enemy of rule by consent, Jose Insulza, to get out of the way:


Enabler of the new leftist dictatorships in Latin America, who CLAIM to have a majority in countries where not even their own people have so much faith in the accuracy of vote counts. But no majority-elected president has any “right” to shut down the natural human rights that are given to us by God but that are so obviously natural objective truths even atheists claim them for themselves as well.

The Golden Rule is common to all mankind, and no “social justice” cause can justify it. Especially since all this “social justice” baloney and the baloney-makers that spawn web sites financed by shadowy money from plutocrat billionaires anyway.

And, since no government based on what they call social justice was always unfair to the poor, even when the poor still kept on supporting them through blackouts, roads that are out of repair, and when they make instant millionaires out of their own buddies.

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