Boom Times End at For-Profit Colleges –

It seems students are shying away from going to the more expensive private college-level universtities and colleges, preferring to avoid the extremely high student loan debts and registering in more inexpensive local county two-year institutions and state campuses instead.

I liked one comment there:

College can be a real waste of Time and Money for Many.
Un-less one is persuing a formal education to persue a specific profession or career that requires it.
Otheriwse one is better off going to some type of trade school.
The best is to start one’s own business. By perhaps working for a corporation or company , for a period of time, gain as much knowledge as you can. After a period of time, self confidence is garnered .
Then cut the cord and strart your own business. Nothing like working for your self. Generally you will work less hours, make more money, And have more freedom. ( Like the old saying goes you do not get rich working for someone else. Persue the Amercian dream capitalism , before Obama Screws us out of it.

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  1. trutherator Says:

    Andrew Carnegie, the main man who developed the steel industry int he United States, wrote his own epitaph:

    “Here lies one who knew how to get around him men who were cleverer than himself.”

    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were college dropouts who made fortunes from grabbing at an opportunity and riding it, driving it.. Go thou and do likewise…

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