Liberty Dollar Minter Convicted for ‘Domestic terrorism’ | United States | Epoch Times

The FBI accused him of “terrorism”:

In this trial the FBI said it read Mr. Von NotHaus’ mind and his intention was to replace “real” dollars with these coins that had silver content.

Of course he has denied thinking these “illegal intentions”, pointing out that it was impossible to confuse them with “real U.S. currency.

Maybe this is the real reason they went after him:
> Von NotHaus was also the founder of the National Organization for the > Repeal of the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Code (NOFRED)

That and Ron Paul’s fast-accelerating popularity. The more people learn about him, the more they like him. These coins expose them. Of course it’s too late for them to go after Ron Paul, everybody would know who did it, no matter what spin they put on it or what patsy they got.

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