Marriage as we know it (and as same-sex advocates demand it) is a Judeo-Christian institution

It's ironic that the "gay activists" are demanding entry to a Christian tradition. 
Marriage as we know it (with "official" recognition) is a Judeao-Christian institution.

In other cultures marriage was a qualitatively different concept. God-bashers like to pretend that the church invented marriage as female property, but that was yet another pagan tradition that infiltrated, as history demonstrates.

The Catholic Church was the body with the power to marry throughout most of A.D. history, until the Reformation and Protestant churches began the betrothal ceremonial rites, but with common law marriage just as good and Puritans recognizing the consummation as the act of marriage. But then couples began wanting marriage recognition before the lead time required of common law, and states began granting “licenses” as if one was not married without a “license”. So began the usurpation of traditional marriage by governments and the slide into the total confusion on the subject today.

In Plato’s Greece, women were subjects of the men, chattel. The status of women were between men and slaves, but reading the literature you’d think women were property and men were doing women a favor when they made love to them.

This is in great contrast to the true Christian tradition:

28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

The Jews also had a concept of marriage that was strange to the pagan world, with how they treated the wife in high esteem and honor, as Proverbs 31 shows. Theirs is traditionally a matriarchal culture, which may even be a reflection of that.

Now if you take a “gay” sado-masochistic relationship that marries, now THAT might be an example of an ancient pagan marriage.

But eventually with the Reformation and so-called “enlightenment” the state began instituting its own version of the religious marriage, until today it took it over.

Like Dennis Prager said, his synagogue marriage was not recognized by the state. Preachers today often feel compelled even to say “By the power vested in me by the state of California…”

That’s a ridiculous abandonment of the whole idea, and a look at how much “the church” has become property of the state!




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