Media balance and omissions

With the Soros donation to NPR, there doesn’t have to be a quid pro quo. One tactic of the leftist Foundations is to just look for the organizations that already preach the message they want out there and that fit their purposes and fund those. The eco-fanatics don’t have to be conspiratorial, if they’re sincere and meet their purposes, funding is available.

NPR gets corporate contributions, sure, because there are lots of them already compromised, and they know which sides get the good press. Before it became obvious what message had more power, IBM said they were not rushing into retooling the chemicals in their products because the science was uncertain. When they saw that the science didn’t matter, political power did, they started become green. It’s a message that suits the multinationals anyway, more government and super-government control over macro and micro-economies, more guaranteed market through lobbyists and less upstart competition.

I am not so simple-minded as to condemn Fox just because or condemn other media just because, once in a while a contrarian message slips through anyway but they’ll try to suppress mavericks. They all laughed at Ron Paul in 2008 but with alternative little “information sources that could”, his message on the Fed and other things are getting traction and with the votes in 2010 as they are, now all the Republican presidential candidates are starting to use his language, as he put it, and even Gingrich is talking about auditing the Fed (which I’m sure he will never really do).

Beck is not my icon so stop talking like he’s my hero, he’s not. I just speculated that his talking about Soros so much and exposing the actual follow-the-money links to all the leftist causes that pretend they are so “grassroots” and are not. They are the daily Big Brother 1984 propaganda presentations.

Merely entertaining the idea of forced abortions and sterilizations and crediting such Malthusian ideas “in the case of a severe overpopulation growth” is tyrannical enough, at least to the victims. The disclaimer that it’s only for an “emergency” just means they’re getting ready for the next such crisis. It’s a “solution” looking for a problem, like Nixon’s wage and price controls and the Patriot Act. The latter was 2,000 or so pages if memory serves and detailed and it took 30 days for the bill to get to Congress. When has the federal bureaucracy worked so fast without having a plan ready to go from the shelf?

The vote in 2010 and the fact that all the Republican candidates are talking up the tea movement show that they realize that they were the spontaneous force that moved the voters to react against the bailouts (Republicans) and corporate giveaways -aka “stimulus” (Democrats). The unaffordable medical control act is more of the same power grab by the corporate-government complex. And it was not on Fox but the rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC and his call for another “Boston tea party” that lit the fuse that set off tea party demonstrators in the streets.


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