Churches and tax exemption

The Supreme Court throughout US history was regarded as a truly separate and sovereign entity. Every church that has signed up for pretty-please permission from the state and from the IRS to have a tax deduction gives up its right to free speech.

Maybe it’s a good idea to remove them from 501c3 eligibility. It’s unconstitutional in the first place, LBJ snuck it there because he didn’t like what a lot of preachers said about him. Tax attorneys and CPAs saw a new politically created market to mine for gold and scared a lot of young ones into it.

Government should get out of the non-profit business anyway. Political football.

Before that they were always regarded as non-taxable, forget exempt, because a taxing power over them was regarded as a violation of the First Amendment.

Remove the 501c3 muzzle, and THEN you’ll see preachers endorse candidates and not just Gore this time. Careful what you wish for.

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