Polluters attack neighbors property rights, so does the EPA

F you give up your natural rights to an arbitrary mini-dictatorship (that’s what the EPA is) you won’t get “a cleaner world” but you’ll certainly get a miserably poor world for those children to live in. Their health will be a lot more endangered than with pollution.

Polluters (CO2 is NOT a pollutant) rob their neighbors of health and create hazards and any such attack on neighbors’ property rights should not go unscathed. Going from there to an unconstitutional requirement to advertise against yourself on your own product does nothing except transfer power to centralized planning.

Power is an intoxicant, and Central planners never got it right in history, and only made it worse. Pollution controls in the Soviet Union resulted in the most toxic nation on earth, and literally killed all the life in an inland sea.

Just like pollution regulations that cost Dow millions to implement that the EPA had to dismantle after their engineers showed the government’s desk jockey experts why it was a waste of money and the place they mandated for the device did absolutely nothing to the actual targeted pollutant.

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