Is it true? Republicans – including tea party caucus ? – vote unanimousely for oil subsidies? Get perspective

More spinning from the Left for their religiously faithful and gullible:

Republicans – including tea party caucus ? – vote unanimousely for oil subsidiesWith Big Oil raking in record profits, House Democrats offered a Motion to Recommit to the House Republican short-term spending bill this afternoon making a responsible cut to the budget: putting an end to taxpayer-funded subsidies to large oil companies. Repealing these subsidies would save taxpayers tens of billions over the next decade and even ex-Shell CEO John Hofmeister agrees saying “with high oil prices, such subsidies are not necessary.”

Rep. William Keating (D-MA) offered the motion on the House floor saying “let’s stop sending taxpayers’ money to the most profitable companies in the world.”

Republicans voted unanimously against the motion, defeating it by a vote of 176-249.…-oil-subsidies

Why did they hide the house bill number, so a person could find out what this is really about?

It took a bit of poking around to find the truth, which leaked out even from this liberal source:

Turns out this “subsidy” is NOT a subsidy, it is a tax deduction, one of the zillions that Congress has accumulated throughout the years (besides the actual genuine subsidies, of which this one is not), most of which the leftists in Congress have no problem with, whether they call themselves by the L-word (“liberals”) or not.

That’s a dirty trick, straight out of of George Orwell’s book warning against all the psy-war pages of Orwell’s 1984, controlling the people by controlling their language.

I personally am in favor of applying all corporate tax rates evenly against all corporations, although talking about taxes in a whole subject itself.

But school vouchers illustrate the difference. I’m against the present de facto regime of discrimination against all religious views except the official ones, which is that children must be taught as if God had nothing to do with anything in the real world. A transitional phase to the best of worlds might be a voucher program which is certainly better than the present one, in which our rulers have the schools using our tax dollars to indoctrinate school kids with a world view in which God has nothing at all to do with anything in the real world, a view which deceived me for many years even through most of college.

If there were a more fair tax rate in which even plutocrat George Soros and gang would have to pay for every dollar they laid on the backs of American consumers and poor through his political proxies, then tax deductions to parents for every penny spent on schooling their child would release academic achievements to take off like a rocket and at the same time would restore parental protections for their children and respect for the religious and varied non-conformist views of the population. Therein lies the diversity that gave strength in unity to the US throughout most of its history and its loss has been part of the general decline in the economy and in the spiritual backbone of its body politic.

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