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Teachers’ unions are helping destroy education in America, along with other top-down attacks:

They don’t realize they’re being used as pawns in the push to put American under socialism and dictatorship, just like the unions in Russia, and in Chile under the openly Marxist Allende, where his cabinet members bragged about trashing the private sector to eliminate the economic base of any opposition.

In the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests administered by the U.S. Department of Education in 2009—the latest year available—only 32 percent of Wisconsin public-school eighth graders earned a “proficient” rating while another 2 percent earned an “advanced” rating. The other 66 percent of Wisconsin public-school eighth graders earned ratings below “proficient,” including 44 percent who earned a rating of “basic” and 22 percent who earned a rating of “below basic.”

The test also showed that the reading abilities of Wisconsin public-school eighth graders had not improved at all between 1998 and 2009 despite a significant inflation-adjusted increase in the amount of money Wisconsin public schools spent per pupil each year.

Make no mistake: Those Communists had tens of thousands of stockpiled weapons and they fought big pitched battles against Pinochet. Pinochet gave up power: Castro never gave it up, and Chavez plans on staying in forever himself.

Allende’s political adviser –his equivalent to Karl Rove and Rahm Emmanuel– was Jose Miguel Insulza, the present boss man in the OAS, who fought HARD to install another socialist dictator for life in Honduras. Weeks before Honduras exposed his malice to the world, he said Castro gave “legitimacy” to the Cuban government.


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