How to Improve Education

Education, one of my favorite subjects:

From this web site with info for young people considering a career in teaching:

…The average salary for a U.S. public school teacher in a school district is $42,153, according to in December 2010.
…Private School…
# It has been a popular belief that private schools pay higher teacher salaries than public schools because most private industry jobs pay higher than public positions. However, the average salary for a private school teacher in $35,342, according to in December 2010, *more than 20 percent less than public school teachers*.

From studies of Florida voucher programs:

“…We examine whether students in schools that face a greater threat of losing students to private schools as a result of the introduction of tax-credit funded scholarships improve their test scores more than do students in schools that face less-pronounced threats. We find that they do, and that this improvement occurs before any students have actually used a scholarship to switch schools. In other words, it occurs from the threat of competition alone…”

On that web site, check out the photo of the crowd that marched in favor of the Florida tax credit-funded and opportunity voucher programs, more color than bleach in there than in any of Jesse Jackson’s dreams..


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