Clean Energy

Nanny state rulers Big Brother Government accusation:

You act as if finding alternatives to fossil fuels is a bad thing ’cause it will gut the oil industry?!?

Speak for yourself and your own support for crony capitalism and the oil industry, and their paid political operatives in government who make you think energy-NEGATIVE things like ethanol are good.

It’s the kind of fraud they push. Oil companies LOVE ethanol in your gas tank because it takes MORE energy to produce it than what you get from it!


Don’t you listen?? Can you read?? I have posted links to the most promising clean energy alternative in the world, with IMMENSE clean-energy possibilities with NO carbon footprint, and crony government is ignoring it in cahoots with crony capitalism!! AND the so-called “environmentalists” of academia of even MIT that pushed to stop free energy alternatives like Fleiscmann and Pons’ findings, repeated in labs around the world now.

Who is ignoring what!?!

Pay attention. I have always told anybody who listens that harvesting ocean currents, for example, is simple enough and plenty available. But they “study” the thing to death. When I was in the Dominican Republic one little engineer set up a demonstration on the beach in which he showed how the ocean had plenty of available power.

On scene there was the president of the LIBERAL party then in power, Jose Pena Gomez, who said he would take this idea to his LIBERAL friends in the U.S. Congress! The U.S.! They could have cut their oil imports in half! And nobody ever heard about it again!


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2 Responses to “Clean Energy”

  1. Crystal Says:

    If you are going to accuse me of supporting crony capitalism and the oil industry, I think you should explain yourself. I don’t support the ethanol crap either.

    I tried reading all the new energy articles you linked to – but physics was never my area of study – I had only one class in college in the subject. I certainly don’t have any objections to whatever works and provides a good alternative. Why would I?

    You were the one who commented on my post saying clean energy would ‘gut industry.’ It does seem that you oppose any other alternative except this one. Why? You may think this one is the best, but a better alternative to oil is better than none and – as you say – this one that you say is best is getting nowhere. If you want more support for it, you’re going to have to be able to explain it to the average person. The very articles you provided explained why they have trouble getting support.

    Yes, I listen and yes, I can read – even when it is INSULTING. I wish you would stop that.

    If this new energy is a great solution, then why don’t they find private investors? Surely there is profit to be made??? You’re not screaming that the government should do something here, right? Or, are you? Why would academia be against it?

    You make a lot of assumptions about me that are wrong.

  2. trutherator Says:

    I never accused you of “supporting crony capitalism” except in that liberal and socialist policies DO support crony capitalism in the real world. The only way to stop it is to cut off government’s power to support it, and you can NOT do that by giving government more power and more money!

    The point of the new energy links, besides the fact that I proclaim it every chance I get to anybody who listens, was to expose the big crony capitalists like GE’s CEO and the big push for “clean energy” from environmentalists including their political operatives of both faces of the 2-party cartel…

    ….More at:…

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