Tea Party: Stop welfare for the Rich!

> It seems sort of funny that the Tea Party seems interested only in dismantling wasteful government spending /on the poor/ and completely disinclined to abolish government programs that benefit them. Go figure.
That is absolutely NOT TRUE. And the rest of it was backwards in the real world of the United States today. The Tea Party movement was born during the Bush bailouts, a total waste of our money and collective credit as taxpayers, in the high billions. That was free money for BIG CORPORATE moguls, and they were totally supported by DEMOCRATS, including the most leftist guy in the Senate at the time, candidate Obama.

Then under Obama the Dems continued this shameless giveaway of money to favorite companies and big corporations under the so-called “Stimulus” bills, one after another! That’s why the populace was outraged.

Never mind even that I STAYED OUT because the housing market was so crazy. But even there, why should you take my money by force to pay the mortgage of guys like the one that bought one I was renting, and defaulted in less than five months. Why should my money pay his mortgage?

What the Tea Party uprising was protesting in 2009 was the FREE MONEY that the BIG RICH MONEYBAGS were getting! They were mad!

And it’s real funny that DemonRats in the media always conveniently leave that out and keeping talking like they’re just against the poor, when they themselves have defended welfare for the richest band of thieves on the planet, starting with Goldman Sachs!

They got even more mad with the outrageous lies being told about the Health Care thing. Lying in our faces saying if you like it you can keep it (companies are dropping health coverage or lowering coverage), costs will go down (they went up), and supposedly surrendering the “public option” (caught on tape earlier admitting they woudn’t get it right away but it will eventually be the only one), denying the “death panels” (now its supporters are admitting to it).

They’re angry at the lack of transparency, secret money –stolen from us (without representation or direct oversight)– going to secret rich fat cats.

This is what gave Tea Party grassroots such ire.

False-flag Dems that so hypocritically hide their blatant corruption and free money for their rich moneybags patrons behind the skirts of the poor give special fits to some of us who know that the best thing you can do for the poor is to let them have incentive to fly free.

That’s compassion. If you help a butterfly struggle out the cocoon by snipping it open, you doomed the poor thing to a quick floundering death because it somehow has to have that toning to be able to fly.

A mother eagle doesn’t leave the eaglets in the nest bringing the poor things good because they can’t fly. When it comes of age, the mother eagle starts making the nest uncomfortable and finally even maybe some thorns come in, then it starts pushing that little one into the air.

You don’t really help anybody if you give him a fish for one meal, you’ve heard the story. You teach him how to fish.

Obama was spouting total nonsense when he said he didn’t know anybody that would prefer an unemployment check over a job. He’s from what area in Chicago?

If he does not know anybody like that, it’s because all his friends are RICH and socialists who even deny such a person exists to your face.

Compassion for the poor is giving your own life for them, your own money, out of your own pockets. Joining the ganging up on people you think have more than you to take somebody else’s money and giving that to the poor is a selfish conscience salve.

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2 Responses to “Tea Party: Stop welfare for the Rich!”

  1. nyangel22 Says:

    Have you never heard of the Great Depression? The reason big business was bailed out was because the government knew that without proper intervention we would be right back in 1929 with people living in Hoovervilles. For the first time ever, someone in Bush’s administration pulled out a history book, looked at some pictures, and realized that if these big businesses fell that it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

    Did you know that the reason the Great Depression was so bad was because the US was backing the banks of European countries that had been devastated during WWI (countries like Austria and Germany) and when the American banks fell, so did the European ones? Similarly, if companies like Goldman and AIG fell there would have been international repercussions.

    Believe me, I do not like big business, especially AIG, which I believe has a circle of Hell reserved for its executives, but nothing good would have come from letting them fall.

    I also believe that if the federal government (either under Bush or Obama) had taken a cue from FDR, things would be better than they are now. The poor and unemployed do need help–they need insurance, safe food, education for their children, places to live. I think that the Affordable Care Act may help, but I am not a big fan; I think it could have done more. Personally, I am a fan of President Nixon’s Universal Health Care plan, which included provisions forcing all employers to offer every employee insurance (paid partly by the employer and partly by the employee–the way it currently works if employers offer health insurance) as well as incentives for medical students to work in neighborhoods where medical care was inaccessible. Failing that I would love to see a universal health care model similar to that of the VA, which has some of the best care in the country, or that of England, Canada, or the Scandinavian countries.

  2. trutherator Says:

    Hello nyangel22!
    You said: “reat Depression? The reason big business was bailed out was because the government knew that without proper intervention we would be right back in 1929 with people living in Hoovervilles.”.

    –Well, now, how did that work out for us! There’s a system worked out called the courts! And how do you know it would have been like 1920 and the 1930s, because they said so?! In that case you could give me a few million to save the economy too, eh?

    They weren’t afraid for the economy, they were afraid of losing the chance to raid the treasury and charge our collective credit to fill their pockets and pay their friends’ debts.

    And the US backing European countries? The American people spoke, and they do not want their money giving a free ride to people who deserve to fail. Let the bankruptcy court give their pieces to companies that DIDN’T need any of our money to save them from their stupidity and arrogance.

    If little old me knew enough to avoid jumping into such a crazy artificial “boom”, why should we give money to the billionaire professionals for being stupid?

    . Now with Ron Paul insisting on making the Fed come clean, we find that your money and my money was put out to collaterize MORE money for foreign banks all over again?

    There is a constitutional method for handling it called the courts. Bankruptcy court has the power to divide it up and put it all into competent hands for a change.

    And take a clue from the history that FDR teaches us, which is that if the government interferes with the free market like he did, then we will have an extended 10 years depression like he had.

    And health care?? The government is the definition of ineptness. You mentioned the VA but here in southern Florida there was a scandal of astronomical proportions when they found the local VA hospital in conditions that would have been an embarrassment for the poorest countries in the world!

    If you just believe anything they tell you then you’re on the way to disaster. There would have been no disaster.

    The disaster is the attacks the Fed has made on the American economy since they were first set up. Now they’ve almost got what they were set up to do in the first place, which is to force us to merge with the other countries into the new global socialist/fascist order they’re setting up.

    Funny you mentioned Nixon, too! The American Communist Party, which voted in favor of the Soviets when they crushed “Prague Spring” in 1968 with Russian tanks, publicly thanked Nixon for implementing their platform. Not for nothing they unofficially but publicly endorsed Obama for 2008.

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