Privatizing: Less Cost, More Tax Revenues, Better Results

> suggest abolishing the FAA and letting the airlines establish their
> own private air control schemes, their own radars, their own safety
> programs. Make them pay their own way, all of it. Let consumers
> decide which airline to fly based on which ones don’t crash into each
> other. We would save about exactly as much as abolishing food stamps.

There are towns that have been saving money and getting better services by outsourcing garbage pickup, street cleanup, fire department services, other things that were handled by government employees before. Some towns have had parks that were littered, in disuse and disrepair and people afraid to use them, until they made an arrangement with an entrepeneur who spruced it up, leased space for private booths. The parks got cleaned up, repairs made, and people enjoy having the food and trinket vendors. and using other park amenities.

So now instead of having a cost center in the park, the same company is contributing to their coffers.

And the best thing: It’s a lot easier to fire them than it is to change a state-run business or change its bosses. When a state depeartment runs a service, and there’s a problem, it’s always because they need more money. More of your money.

> The poor won’t be stealing your stuff in order to eat

Crime is so bad with Hugo Chavez’s socialist regime that they stopped counting and no longer publish any numbers at all. There are patients in state hospitals have are sleeping on the concrete floor wrapped in sheets. There’s a little taste of government health care for you. The streets have potholes, socialist distributions to the poor have halted to many areas and is spotty everywhere, and it’s illegal to criticize the president.

Politicized economy is a total waste and a scourge upon the poor.

In this petroleum exporting country, electricity is being rationed and one hydroelectric dam is close to collapse, as money has been diverted to exporting socialism to other countries. Venezuela has not reached the production levels that it lost when Chavez fired all the directors of the state enterprise and put in political hacks and everybody went on strike.

No surprise to those who study history with an open mind. Deja vu all over again.

Allende plunged Chile into poverty and chaos, forcing socialist policies as fast as he could to dismantle all the economic base that could support any opposition. He nationalized the copper mines in Chile, promised all kinds of good things, but the accident rate multiplied and production plummeted and there was LESS money going into the government treasury than Anaconda paid to it!

Governments are inept at running things efficiently. Schools are another disaster, falling way behind other advanced countries, and we have so-called “scientists” blithering the stupidity and unions blaming everybody but unions and politicized education.

You wanna save money? Save the country from ruin? It’s too late, but here’s what you could have done, and you could still do it in America if the majority would tolerate the geopolitical and economic beating the shadowy Wall Street manipulators and military-industrial-government-media complex would inflict in retaliation:

Abolish the Fed. They have caused and prolonged every depression and most recessions, including in a coordinated dance with Congressmen to spin us into the bubble.

Bring all the American soldiers home from the 150 or so countries around the world. Have a minimum in reserve strictly for self-defense and for a first reaction to military attacks or invasion, and invest some of the savings to maintaining technological advantage (if you can get Americans to vote for presidents that won’t give away the advantage to foreign governments like some recent presidents).

Abolish the Education Department. A total waste and burden both on the treasury and on the students of the land.

Abolish all corporate welfare. Subsidies for Obama’s favorite

Wall Street bankers, out. Subsidies for farms, out.

Subsidies for NOT growing crops, out.

Subsidies for NOT growing peanuts in Georgia ranches, Phooey.

Subsidies for “green stuff” out.

Free money for politicized science, QUIT it fast, it’s killing us!

Welfare for political candidates, anathema. Subsidies and government facilities for political party primaries, except on terms of use for anybody else, stop it.

All campaign finance laws, which are stealth thefts against challengers to incumbents, stop them now.

Regulate the regulations into oblivion, while criminalizing corporate crimes, like lying on the books, and fraud perpetrated against stockholders. Two guys for a few months for what was said they did, seems a poor punishment.

When Wall Street knowingly commits frauds like selling mortgages to both home buyers, and then selling them to some other co-conspirator like Fanny Mae, put them all in prison for fraud for a change! (Instead of using them as an excuse to “save the economy” from “too big to fail” and to make more government thrashings).

If anything is “too big to let fail”, then the quicker the better. No more holding us hostage to thieves.

Abolish the Commerce Department. let corporations carry their own water. Small business never gets much of this, except for when the big guys find them useful for something to subcontract.

Drop the parsecs of red tape for doing work for government. No wonder the best performers shun government “service”.

Abolish the income tax. Let investors have money to invest. With all the savings, tax consumption, and bless investment. (Promoting credit is ruinous!)

Go back to constitutional coinage. Congress is empowered to “coin money” and “regulate the value thereof”. They are not empowered to give away the power over our money to “the money power” that Lincoln warned against –he should know– and the “den of thieves and vipers” that Andrew Jackson excoriated.

Make Alexander Hamilton roil and suffer in his grave. Abolish the Fed. I know I already said that. The Fed is what has done more damage to us than anything else. Audit the Fed, abolish the Fed.

Get educated in the principles of the “Austrian school of economics”. Germany should have listened to them instead of that other Austrian.

Pay attention to what works. Like Chile’s partially privatized social security system, where going private is encouraged. Where it only took a couple of years of free enterprise to recuperate what Allende took down, and then following the Austrians and Friedman schools of economics they went from almost being another starving Cuba to being the envy of Latin America.


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2 Responses to “Privatizing: Less Cost, More Tax Revenues, Better Results”

  1. boyonabudget Says:

    And one more thing – get the government out of health care!! They’ve ruined Medicare and now they are targeting the rest of the market.

  2. trutherator Says:

    As long ago as 1992, as many as 50 percent of doctors in New York were refusing to accept Medicare patients, because they were required to accept terms that were as low as 50 percent what they normally charged!

    Take a look at this from here:

    In a June 2008 report, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, an independent federal panel that advises Congress on Medicare, said that 29 percent of the Medicare beneficiaries it surveyed who were looking for a primary care doctor had a problem finding one to treat them, up from 24 percent the year before. And a 2008 survey by the Texas Medical Association found that while 58 percent of the state’s doctors took new Medicare patients, only 38 percent of primary care doctors did.

    Their plan is to “save” Medicare by sinking the entire medical insurance industry with it so they can take it over completely. Insurance companies with the new rules that will cost them tens of billions will have to work around that, they’ll need more bailouts to “save the system” until they get the sheeple to accept government control.

    It is an attack on health.


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