Famous liberals and conservatives: who is more generous?

Leftists that want to increase government forever claim to want to help the poor. Well, except when it comes to helping them escape government indoctrination centers for youth we call “public schools”, then they say we shouldn’t try anything else because we haven’t tried anything else before. They change the subject when you remind them of the raging success stories with vouchers. Or when you remind them of the 11,000 poor families fighting over a few hundred slots open for even just the few charter schools the stingy New York school district allows.

It took an Ann Coulter to get the numbers together in one place. Leftists won’t read about this in the press organs of government-media complex, because it exposes the claims:

Liberals Give ‘Til It Hurts (You) – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative:

Neither Bush, nor Cheney, nor Rush Limbaugh can be accused of being great church attendants. Don’t be fooled by the “faith-based” initiative, it’s a Trojan horse to get churches even more beholden to the government largesse than they already are. That’s why the Obamalites in government have extended the program, it’s working.

One evangelical in the Bush administration exposed the attitude of the bosses, scoffing and snickering at Christian fools, so they thought.. The Bush attitude wasn’t caught on camera though, but Obama’s blast at about three-fourths of Americans that, he said, “cling to their guns and their religions”, was exposed.


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