Forced Unionization Helps Nobody But Union Bosses

If they ever were, unions are not now in the United States the champions of the poor or exploited, as we see in the shocked surprise of probably most of the state’s Mom and Pop day care centers. They were recently informed that they were now members of AFSCME, the government employees union!

Forced Unionization | Conservative Blog Watch:

This affects 40,000 private day-care workers, and is based on a “vote” among just 6,000 of them. And they do little or nothing to justify the dues they take, which in aggregate amount to millions of dollars in rip-off money… at the expense of the mostly poor who make a little money baby-sitting neighbors’ kids..


3 Responses to “Forced Unionization Helps Nobody But Union Bosses”

  1. Peter Pants Says:

    Your Country (U.S.) would not be a Country if the 13 Colonies had not Unionized. Are you not a True Patriot? Would you have been on the side of the British with such an anti-union stance?

    Your Founding Fathers were some of the greatest Union Organizers in History. Now you spit in their faces. And you call yourself a Patriot.

    • trutherator Says:

      Thomas Jefferson found it abominable that anybody should require money from an individual to support causes he disagreed with..
      ..Would you then want to bring back tax-supported churches, for example? Didn’t think so…

    • trutherator Says:

      Besides which, if you don’t know the difference between the federation of the thirteen former colonies, and a modern workers’ union, you only show (1) that you don’t have a clue about anything, (2) you should sue the schools you went to for robbing you of a history education, and (3) anybody that pays attention to you probably got their education from the same government school system..

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