The J Street documents – Ben Smith –

Yet another left-wing organization funded by the likes of George Soros, who has more money than anybody can track down I’m sure, and the clout to get as much more as we wants at anytime.

Read it here, the donors were leaked, and the Soros name was on the list, and the J Street chief Jeremy Ben-Ami had to make a giant apology to the smaller donors for trying to make them believe Soros was not a supporter:

The J Street documents – Ben Smith –

But the leaked documents only cover a short period. Meaning, this leaves us inquiring minds wondering, how much before and after did he give them, and what other tycoons are in the mix?

Because this is another example of what a big fat lie socialism is. Does anybody think Soros is begging for higher taxes and wants government to beat up on the rich (him) and take their “fair share” from him?

And I still wonder what he had to do with the Chavez presidential campaign in Venezuela, and ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya’s technical auto-coup and attempted seizure of total power in Honduras under false pretenses?



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