Mosab Yousef, Son of Hamas, Ground Zero Mosque

See here, the web site for the new book “Son of Hamas”, by the son of one of the founders of the Palestinian group, Mosab Yousef, who was shocked at finding “Love your enemies” in the Bible.

Son of Hamas :: Tyndale House Publishers

And on his blog see what he says about what the Koran says about the so called Ground Zero Mosque:

Son of Hamas

….And yes, it is perfectly legal and protected by the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

But it is also an affront to Allah.

Open your Qur’an and read sura 9, verse 107. I will reproduce it here in English for our Western readers:

“And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity – to disunite the Believers – and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But Allah doth declare that they are certainly liars.” (The Qur’an, sura 9, verse 107, Yusufali translation)

You can see that the language is much stronger in Arabic.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf may not intend “to disunite the Believers,” but his irresponsibility will accomplish the same end, even while he and his supporters, both Muslim and America’s progressive elite, “indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good.”

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and the Taliban are counting on the inevitable outcome of such irresponsibility.

Even though he has become a Christian, here he laments that the damage that the attack that September in New York made on the image of Islam, but even more the damage that proceeding with it will do to peace and reconciliation. You know, the reason its promoters are saying they want to build it.

He also made predictions that are all too obvious:

Think for a moment. Do you really believe that Americans will just say “Oh, well” and move on while the 9/11 mosque is being built? Day after day, they will drive by, walk by on the way to work, and their anger and outrage will be renewed. The media will broadcast updates on the mosque’s progress, inflaming millions of viewers with every report.

How will Muslims react, then, when an angry citizen smears garbage on a wall of the mosque or covers it with blasphemous graffiti? How will they respond to protests and pickets? What if some hothead sets off a bomb?
Hatred and violence are not confined to Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They lie just below the surface of us all and only require sufficient heat to erupt.

And the violence will not be contained in Manhattan. You have seen how our brothers and sisters have reacted to books and cartoons. You can expect outraged mobs to burn homes and churches, attack embassies, kidnap and behead hostages not only in the Middle East but also in Africa and Asia, in obedience to the Qur’an’s mandate to defend the honor of Allah and his Prophet.

The blood—Muslim and non-Muslim—will be on the hands of the foolish Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. But he and Islamists like him will blame everybody else, just as he blames America instead of bin Laden for 9/11. Just as he will not admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Instead, he provokes and blames the provoked.

And you will share the blame because you did nothing stop it when it was in your power.

The electrons were barely settled into the bits and bytes of Mr. Yousef’s cry, than now they decry the stabbing of one Muslim in New York for being a Muslim, at least so it is being reported. That cautionary note is from the history of hot button news stories, in which facts are revealed later that put an entirely different light on the story. For comparison sake, suffice it to say that one is a lot less than the 3,000 that were killed simply because they lived at the symbolic center of the American economy. Americans see it as a blow struck by Muslims who view it as another step in the violent conversion of their land to Islam

Blessed are the peacemakers, said Christ, for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

That’s why I lament this too. It will make it harder to witness to Muslims, for its effect on both religions and everyone else.

And it is also a distraction from the war being waged on the American economy by its political enemies within. They needed a diversion worthy of a David Copperfield show, because Americans are no longer fooled by the condescending repetitive drivel that claims they are pushing us toward catastrophe to protect the poor. And Americans have been all too resilient to resist the attempts to convince them that the destruction of the nuclear family is an issue of (phony) “discrimination”. In fact, they feel rather angry at the insinuation that they are so stupid. Stay on topic, America.

In fact, seeing how Muslims themselves are beginning to make themselves more visible in condemning their violent brothers and coming to the defense of the Muslims that are slaughtered and massacred in the name of Allah the world over, it would be hard to design a better strategy meant to divide and conquer Muslims and Christians both to weaken them by enemies of both of them.

I have heard Christians speak in favor of quieting the anger and simply using the opportunity to witness to the Muslims who will be transiting the area. In fact, I would like to see someone call them on the talk about religious tolerance, and open a Christian witnessing center across the street or around the corner. They can and should avoid confrontation, offer support in any way possible, and offer Muslims the opportunity to find out the better side of following Christ.

Christians should also make better known the point of view of the Greek Orthodox Church in their desire to rebuild their own church which was destroyed on that day. After leading them on for nine years, and backtracking on promises made, and dealing deceitfully, the New York government authorities finally flatly refused to meet with them again. The claim that this is because they wanted money is just ludicrous in view of the fact that this was their own basis for talking to them in the first place, and the St. Stephens group says, they complied with everything the authorities demanded.

So maybe the authorities should call their bluff and publicly offer to agree to the terms that the St. Stephens committee says they already complied to. Ha. I’m calling their own bluff. No, they prefer to demonize.

So much for all this claims of “reconciliation”. Nancy Pelosi says she wants to open investigations on the 70 percent of Americans who are offended at the victory-mosque nature of the site selection by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Well, some rebels against the Empire have already done their own investigation into “Follow the money”.

What they uncovered, and first heard (by me anyway) on the Michael Savage show, there is lots of money in the Middle East and Mayor Bloomberg is just about to open up a billion-dollar expansion of his already billion-dollar financial and commercial empire in the Persian Gulf area.

Meantime, the reaction of the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife in news reports and interviews really show they are not interested in reconciling anything, in my opinion, calling the 70 percent of Americans that think it is motivated as a victory mosque “Islamophobes”. This just shows they are “Christophobes” and “truthophobes” and have no other defense at all except to claim they just want to help the healing. Now there is something obviously not true.

“Al-Arabiya Director Rejects Ground Zero Mosque” The Layalina Review | Layalina Productions, Inc.

There is one more important point about this whole thing. This imam, and Barack Obama, and all the supporters that have appeared as supporters of the ->location<- of this thing, they are all indignantly and consdescendingly telling opponents of the /location/ of this thing about religious freedom. And every opponent has pointed out there has never been a problem with the hundreds of mosques already open in the city of New York alone!

And many who have raised the issue of the location have offered to gladly help pay for a mosque somewhere else, even help raise money for it, so the simplistic and bigoted accusation of hate reflects like a mirror back onto the faces of the accusers.


(Where is St. Francis when you need him?)

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  1. John Farina Says:

    WHEN will there be an Arabic version of this book? I have been hearing for many months that a free version in Arabic will be available online…..WHEN? I have many Muslims friends in the Middle East who are eager to read this book…….Arabic is VITAL…..

    what over the other Middle Eastern languages? Urdu? Farsi? who needs to read this book more than THEY do?

    please let me know….thank you….

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