Honduras 2009 Revisited

Google searches and browsing of some blogs still brings up links to places that retain the disinformation that went around the world spread by the major news wires, most of which carried very bad factual errors (also known as “lies”), and almost all of which left out important facts, and included commentary by “experts” who were wrong, and others who were completely clueless.

Everybody in Honduras knows Ambassador Hugo Llorens and the Americans tried to force Honduras to accept dictator Zelaya’s auto-coup to be president-for-life. His supporters know this too. Hugo Chavez knows full well that the Americans were helping his efforts to overthrow another republic in the Americas. If the CIA did anything on orders from Washington it was to try to help the wolves kill a small republic.

The meetings with high government officials the week previous to his trip to Costa Rica was where the constitutional institutions of Congress, Attorney-General, the Court, the Human Rights Obundsman, all were giving the US Ambassador a chance to tell Zelaya to desist and he did no such things.

What they leave out is also that right up to the night before Zelaya was arrested, Hugo Llorens was meeting at the Presidential Palace with Manuel Zelaya, as he made his plans for the most massive “electoral” fraud in Honduras’ history the next day. With them there was Zelaya’s lover, his Secy. of State Patricia Rodas, who was also the brains of his dictatorship, and others, as he made his plans for the most massive “electoral” fraud in Honduras’ history the next day, with Hugo Llorens sitting in to make sure it went well.

Note that Llorens had been playing the constitutional and legal authorities for fools. But Honduras enforced the law. What ever happened to the call for “the rule of law”?

Obama played the part of imperialist Yankee pig, but it was in trying to force them to accept this political coup by Zelaya and international forces, which more than 80 percent of Hondurans reject.

Hondurans hate Communism with extreme passion, and they do NOT want to follow the disastrous Castro-Chavez model. They have enough poverty already, thank you very much.

HALF A MILLION demonstrated in support of the constitutional succession that brought Micheletti to the presidency, as attested by crowd scans available on YouTube.

Contrary to the disinformation, the poor in Honduras were NOT fooled by this demagogue’s nonsense or his buddy Chavez of the International Socialist Mafia.

It ought to tell you something that the entire United Nations’ club of dictators and faux “democracies”‘ rulers went along with the efforts to force Communist tyranny upon one small nation, including the regimes that now rule over Americans, and regimes nominally Communist, socialist, “democratic”, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto/plus, and the rest.


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