king of Google Eric Schmidt says anonymity is dead (Privacy for me, but not for thee)

Can you believe this? The king of Google Eric Schmidt says anonymity is dead, get over it. He sang a different tune when CNET posted his own private information on-line and he banned their reporters from access. So now he does some semantical two-stepping and speaks out of two sides of his mouth, saying anonymity is not privacy.

Ten years after the king of Oracle, Larry Ellison, said “Privacy is dead, get over it”, here comes another guy, but this one the head of a company that banned CNET after they published his Google-available personal data. –And that was after Schmidt had said something about it’s harmless. Ask Ellison how much security he has to keep his privacy.

How about any trade secrets Oracle or Google has? How about the Bildeberg conferences? Who did he report to at Martha’s Vineyard in Maine after he won the election? Are they going to demand that all the Congress and WH staff and the Supreme Court judges all publicize the oaths they took in Masonic lodges?

How about some real transparency? Why is Barack Obama’s administration supporting Hugo Llorens meddling in Honduras? They pointed to a staff attorney’s opinion supporting their call to overthrow the Honduran constitution so they could reinstate a renegade runaway auto

No anonymity is the future of web in the opinion of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. He said many creepy things about privacy at the Techonomy Conference. The focus of the conference was how technology is changing and can change society. Schmidt’s message was that anonymity is a dangerous thing and governments will demand an end to it.

In an video interview with Julia Boorstin, CNBC Correspondent, Schmidt stated (starting at 5:13):

“Privacy is incredibly important,” Schmidt stated. “Privacy is not the same thing as anonymity. It’s very important that Google and everyone else respects people’s privacy. People have a right to privacy; it’s natural; it’s normal. It’s the right way to do things. But if you are trying to commit a terrible, evil crime, it’s not obvious that you should be able to do so with complete anonymity. There are no systems in our society which allow you to do that. Judges insist on unmasking who the perpetrator was. So absolute anonymity could lead to some very difficult decisions for our governments and our society as a whole.”

Whether it was a Freudian slip or a simple misstatement, Schmidt is correct; it is not obvious that if you are anonymous, you are therefore likely to commit a “terrible, evil crime.”

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Yes, boobs, I know that was five years ago. Why? Have they changed? Or is “Never forget” forgotten?


Some of the following might hit up against firewall language audits at work, so caveat emptor:

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    Privacy Search Engine (for the time being until the one world Marxist government shuts them down too).

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    Thanks for the mention.

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