Put your seat belt on!

Hey, wear your seat belt. You might drive safely but other people don’t.

My experience has convinced me to always wear a seat belt.

I totaled my Volkswagen Fox once sliding off an exit ramp in the first drizzle of a rain and hitting a short rock, turning it upside down. People couldn’t believe I actually walked off. Doctor told me the seat belt could have saved my life. At slow speed.

A missionary friend was on the highway in Brazil with another brother in a van when they hit another car or something, neither of them with seat belts, both thrown onto the middle of the pavement. He had to crawl with his one good limb (one arm) to drag his unconscious and broken friend to safety. He made his kids buckle up before he would even turn the ignition.

In Phoenix there was a news blurb once of a couple returning from a baby shower in Arkansas coming thru the area of Grand Canyon and could not find a room available. They went off a cliff. He fell asleep and went off a steep precipice and they went down about 200 feet. They said he was dead on impact, and had not worn his seat belt. She was nine months pregnant, unbuckled her seat belt, crawled up the whole thing to flag down help. Nothing about labor or anything.

Just this morning my wife was coming back from home at regular speed, kid went whooshing by and veered onto the sidewalk up ahead, knocking a lady from the bus stop into the busy street. The paramedics were already there by when she got to the accident, looking like they were hopeless.

You might drive slow, but much of the time it just takes one of the two sides to mess it up.

I always wear the belt.


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