Jobless benefits create jobs?! What!?

Yeah, Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually said it!

They create jobs like, oh, say, cannibalism feeds people!

If the “logic” is that jobless benefits create jobs, then just cut out the middleman and reduce the taxes on the guy you’re gutting to pay out the benefits! That way there will be money for the unemployed to actually work!

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2 Responses to “Jobless benefits create jobs?! What!?”

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    Almost as ingenious as you right wingers telling us all we should cut taxes for the rich, piss on the poor, and all will be fine.

    Jobless benefits help the most, when there are no jobs around, because the financial PRIVATE sector failed the entire World miserably. Reagan logic failed, and the public sector had to bail it out.

    • trutherator Says:

      First I’m not a “right-winger”.

      Second, socialism and socialist policies are the absolute worst thing for the poor. It was the Fed that trashed the economy, they’ve been yanking it around every since the Congress surrendered us to this cartel of power-mad international bankers. Your “socialist” buddy Sanders showed his traitorous colors when he took the teeth out of the Fed audit that Ron Paul was pushing.

      Reagan’s tax cuts powered the American economy’s last roar and the government tax revenues actually got a net increase, and the poor had jobs. Bush, Clinton, Bush again, and now Obama took the rest of the Treasury and went wild with the Federal credit card to give billions to their Wall Street buddies.

      Not for nothing George Soros is a socialist. That way they can kill off any of the poor that don’t suit them.

      Chavez has garages full of the latest raging cars, the Kirchners in Venezuela are richer than ever, Chavez’ buddies are richer than every while the poor sleep on concrete.

      The government should not have bailed out even ONE business, these traitors in the capital only did it to get control. “Too big to fail” means too big, let the courts break up these thieving money-changers into a thousand tiny pieces and let the little banks handle it.

      But the Barney Franks and other blarneys are the ones that rigged it to fail, together with their buddies in the Fed. Pelosi demands a full size military aircraft to jet around and waste your money. Oink oink.

      Audit the Fed!

      Kick out both corrupt parties, bought and paid for by rich oligarchs like Soros and Rockefeller..

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