Human Rights? UN, OAS, IACHR: Wolves in Charge of the Henhouse

    Human Rights? UN, OAS, IACHR: Wolves in Charge of the Henhouse

HondurasWeekly is one of the few Honduran news sources to provide the proper imbalance between the complete truth of events in Honduras by dutifully regurgitating UN press releases and OAS press releases, meaning they dutifully publish the press releases of organizations that did their best to protect the oppression of the poor in Honduras by a civilian socialist coup in 2009, which was stopped in June 28, 2009 by the constitutional transition to the government presided by Roberto Micheletti, national hero in the eyes of Hondurans.

If the UN and the OAS really and truly cared about human rights violations and threats and assaults on reporters, they would tell the truth about what these reporters wrote about that got them killed. Instead they blame the victims!!

Remember, these are the groups of nations around the world who cannot do anything without the approval of the dictatorships in their midst, including the dictatorships who barely even do lip service to their farcical play-acting at “democracy”.

Which country is chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission this year? Syria? Iran? China? At least former chair Libya has come clean on its own about its activities, in truth, despite efforts to spin this change by others.

The headline of this United Nations press release would be enough to cause an unstoppable fit of uproarious cacophonous laughter, if it were no a continuation of the efforts to force the independent sovereign republic of Honduras to overlook violent crimes, unfettered corruption, and high treason against itself:

UN Human Rights Experts Urge Honduras to Protect Journalists

Hondurans are not fooled by the lies and innuendo embedded in this article, not at all. The authors know this full well. It is for the benefit of news agencies around the world who are either to corrupted by visions of elitist socialism, or too poor to pay their own staff, or just plain too lazy to do their own digging.

Seven journalists have been killed during this year of 2010. What is interesting that this is many more than the number killed during the same period of six months during the Micheletti administration, and yet they still blame what they call the “coup”, another factual error, since the arrest of Zelaya and the official recognition by Congress that he had disqualified himself as president with his treason, multiple felonies, sacking of the treasury, violation of court orders, ruling by decree, and despising the rule of law.

Everybody in Honduras knows that the journalists who are being cut down are the ones who supported the ouster of the golpista coup-running dictator Manuel Zelaya, Castro-Chavista puppet. Karol Cabrera survived at least two attempts on her life that we know of, one of which killed her pregnant daughter, and another that killed a journalist colleague while putting her in the hospital.

Everyone in Honduras knows that Karol Cabrera was targeted for being one of the most effective and outspoken truth-tellers about Zelaya’s crimes while he was still president, and one of the loudest defenders of the constitutional presidency of Roberto Micheletti against all the attempts to force Honduras to kneel at the altar of the International Socialist Mafia.

Every reporter in Honduras knows this. Everyone on this UN Commission has to know this. This was a press release about this nebulous “group of United Nations human rights experts”. They are no “experts” who do not even bother to say the obvious. These are people who are comfortable mouthing whatever their plutocrat bosses and autocrats tell them to say.

The next link is to the HondurasWeekly page that gives us the press release straight from the OAS commission Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) visit to Honduras on May 15-May 18.

IACHR Concerned About Human Rights Violations in Honduras

At least this one has a name attached to the press release, María Isabel Rivero, and a phone number, and an email, where one can express himself, not that it would do any good. If they want to keep any of the shred of credibility they have left (which is none in my opinion), they should stop blaming the victims!

Anything’s possible, AP is even going to publish a factual retraction after I called their attention to it. They said in one report that the UCD had protested Zelaya’s ouster when the opposite was the case. Sometimes it seems like they publish blatant factual errors that conveniently line up with the bigger lie, just to see if it gets past the readers. AP has published some of the biggest lies and most blatant slanders against the defenders of freedom in Honduras.

This fictional “report” from the OAS operatives in Honduras regurgitates more lies than the UN’s so-called “report”. Despite the fact that the new president Lobo has contradicted his electorate in falling all over himself to kiss up to the new foreign imperialist bosses, they still want to hang him for the sins of resisting Communist dictatorship and the abject starvation poverty that comes with it, when they threw out the “little Chavez” in 2009.

Not even Hondurans realize what a fantastic blow they made to the New Empire.

These representatives of Insulza in Honduras know full well what forces are doing the hits on reporters in Honduras. It is a complete diversion to pretend that the killings and threats come from anyone else but the supporters of the Zelaya dictatorship, drug traffickers, and the new “narco-socialist” coalitions, borne from the practice by the Communist guerrilla FARC in Columbia of financing their attacks on the people with drug money.

One member of this coalition of the millionaire-financed Chavistas and Zelayistas. When Juan Barahona stormed off the stage when Zelaya signed the accord, he insisted they would have their so-called “constitutional assembly”.

Since he was close enough to the would-be president-for-life to know that there was no intention at all to have a fair vote on the matter, what he really meant was that he was going to go ahead with the plans for forcing Honduras to accept the poverty of the path of socialist dictatorship.

He has no intention of trying to convince the people. If Hondurans can get over the generalized tendency to corruption, among the poor and rich alike, they can prosper. Under a socialist regime they have no chance at all. (See my other articles on the subject).

The drug traffickers and narco-socialists needed new staging grounds after being pounded into pulp by the Uribe administration in Columbia. Having free roaming privileges in Venezuela is not enough after all. Honduras is halfway to Miami and New Orleans from Venezuela.

The so-called “Resistance” of course knows who is targeting who. No doubt the most public demagogues are keeping their hands clean, but it does not take an army intelligence officer to see the obvious fact that they are coordinating strategy with their own violent underground.

But they are apparently just following Hitler’s advice to only tell BIG lies, because people are more apt to believe you if you tell the big lies.

The outrageous farce of this commission from the OAS coming in, saying they are “fact-finding” only to publish such an outrage against the truth of events in Honduras, is an insult to all Hondurans who know the truth.

It is yet another violation of the rights of free speech and free expression against the peoples of the world, really, because it robs the reader of the truth.

This so-called “human rights commission” is a dishonor to those same reporters, who uncovered the attempt to rob Honduras of all human rights by international thugs, socialist operatives, and drug cartels. They could not have done better if they had urinated on their graves.


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