Centrally Planned “Behavior Modification” Now

There they go again, while GCMC (government-controlled media complex) tries to get everybody to forget the attack on the United States of America and its constitution by an alliance of plutocrats, the president establishes another extra-constitutional group to tell us what to do and what to think under the guise of health:

Executive Order– Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council | The White House

One of the mandates in there is to centralize the whole health-care industry of the country, and they are so smugly sure of themselves in this one that they don’t even try very hard to veil their scheme in the usual weasel-worded obfuscations and legalese.

They even used the word “behavior modification”. Almost nobody objected to assaults on parental protection of children under the guise of state “protection” of children, after all. We all saw this up close and personal when they kidnapped an entire peaceful community out in Texas, and of course Fox News showed their fangs and joined in beating up on them. All for the poor “minors”. Right.

Never mind those “minors” were robbed of their mothers for weeks on end and never mind that not only did they not have the evidence that merited such a massive raid, but they couldn’t even sneak anything out of the poor children or their mothers!

So maybe they figure who could object to mandates from Washington to manipulate our behavior (purportedly) “for our own good” with a little bit of centrally planned “behavior modification”?


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