The Return of Zelaya? –Honduras and its Continued Defense of Freedom

In the spirit of “fair use”, herein is reproduced a translation of an article from a Doctor in Constitutional Law in Honduras about the continued attacks against the people of Honduras by foreign-financed subversives who care not about the poor.

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By: Dr. Álvaro F. Albornoz P.
Doctor of Constitutional Law

In Honduras there is controversy about the possible return of ex-president Zelaya. This topic needs some clarifications.

As soon as Zelaya was dropped off in Costa Rica by the well-appointed Armed Forces of Honduras to avoid a greater evil, and to preserve democracy, just as was decided by the honorable Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras, the ex-president sought to return to Honduras by any means possible. Finally he finally was able to do it by irregular means, as smuggled contraband. He managed to get into the Brazilian Embassy, where he made his calls for civil war and anarchy, which thank God, were ignored by the people, who only want to live in peace and freedom.

His terrorist objectives foiled, Zelaya asked that he be allowed to leave Honduras, a request that the current President Lobo granted and fulfilled, and he was taken to the Dominican Republic, where he is living in luxury with all the creature comforts appropriate to a guest of honor.

Later on, Zelaya was named by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez as the political commissioner of Petro-Caribe, where, according to unchallenged sources on the Internet, he gets a salary of $20,000 per month, and gets his own private aircraft, credit cards, and travel expenses. That is to say, Zelaya’s sumptuous life of luxury is financed with money that could have gone to the poor in Venezuela, and are taken from funds that could go to hospitals, schools, streets and infrastructure that the Venezuela, hungry as it is, is not even producing their own basic food needs.
Now the ex-president in the cowboy hat wants to go back to Honduras, after having demanded safe passage to leave, but he wants to return without answering to Honduran justice where he has various cases pending processed by the Attorney-General of the Republic.

The cowboy commander pretends to be above the Constitution and the laws of Honduras and he still does not realize that for that very attitude that he showed when he was president, was why he was constitutionally removed from his position.

The communist countries of the Americas that have not yet recognized the legitimate government of Lobo, demand the return of Zelaya as a condition of their recognition. And acceding to that position, President Lobo agreed and even offered to fetch him personally and accompany him to Honduras, with all the guarantees of respect for his human rights.
However, Mel Zelaya rejected the proposal because he knows he will have to face justice and answer for his actions. He wants all the charges against him dropped without having to defend himself, as if flaunting charges for such abuses is possible under a fair rule of law.

It’s definitely just another show by the ex-president. He never tires of making himself the center of attention and getting headlines. But in reality, Zelaya does not want to go back to Honduras because it’s inconvenient for him.
Zelaya knows if he goes to Honduras he will have to face the charges against him, because there are autonomous and independent powers who fulfill their constitutional obligations. Besides, upon entering Honduran territory, he won’t be able to continue his parade around the world doing harm to Honduras and making up fables and lies about this nation.

The ex-president is aware that he does not have popular support nor leadership enough to be able to continue politicking in Honduras, and he would be ignored and rejected by the majority of the population and by the press, who consider him a black splotch upon the history of Honduras, a page that has turned, a disagreeable experience that nobody wants to ever repeat.

Zelaya knows it’s impossible for him to return to power and go on pretending to be a martyr before the world. He wants to keep on traveling with money taken from Venezuelans to discredit Honduras and its government. In reality, the strategy of international communism is to destabilize the government of Pepe Lobo and generate a climate of chaos, to favor the evil schemes Chavez is cooking up for Honduras.

No matter how many efforts the government of Honduras does to regain the recognition of these countries, it will not happen as long as the same presidents continue in power. That’s why Honduras should concentrate in developing and consolidating political and commercial relationships with the countries that have recognized it, which in the final analysis are the most important anyway for Honduran interests.

Zelaya debe quedar en el pasado y Honduras debe dedicarse a desarrollar todo su inmenso potencial para salir adelante y poder dar satisfacción a todas las necesidades del pueblo. Es hora de hacer progresar a Honduras y de llevarla por caminos de prosperidad y abundancia. Honduras y su gente se merecen lo mejor.

Zelaya should become history and Honduras should dedicate itself to its immense potential for progress and to forge ahead, and meet the needs of its people. It’s time to make progress in Honduras and take it on down the road of prosperity and abundance. Honduras and its people deserve better.

–(translated by trutherator)


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