Memorial Day: Fallen in Honduras in the Defense of Freedom

May 31, 2010, is Memorial Day in the United States, a day set aside to honor those brave soldiers who have fallen in service to their country and in defense of freedom. Today I want to use this means to honor an unsung band of true heroes of the defense of freedom, who were slandered by lies spread around the world by Official Media and Official Governments, and are still held as villains by these same dishonest rulers and disinformation agents.

I want to remember those who fell in the defense of the democratic republic of Honduras against the tyrannical forces of castro-chavista socialism. This post (and page) will be updated with their names. They are a reminder that the evil forces of narco-socialist imperialism did not go away when it became obvious to both Honduras and the world that they could not be deceived.

From the article:

Mairena, 52, a veteran journalist, handled general assignments that included coverage of organized crime and a land dispute in the Aguán region, Omar Said Mejia, owner of Super 10, told CPJ. Juárez, 54, was a news presenter. Local authorities have not disclosed possible motives or identified any suspects, Honduran press reports said.

That’s a very diplomatic article, but let me clue the world in on something everybody in Honduras knows as simply obvious:

The articles on organized crime covered the enormous number of small aircraft that have been landing on Honduran soil through the year of 2009 and this year in such numbers that during one period of some months two and three were found crashed in the areas of the Gulf Coast, most of them with their drug cargo long gone already, the airplane abandoned.

Those were just the ones that crashed.

And ALL of these aircraft had Venezuelan registration.

The other story, about “land disputes” in an area called Aguan, more specifically Bajo Aguan, concerns the efforts of socialists to establish a militant violent beachhead in Honduran territory from which to launch guerilla operations. But of course it is a false flag operation, fraudulently packaged as an attempt to seize land, and to deceive the smaller landowners and farm workers in Honduras into thinking they are a spontaneous uprising of locals.

Indeed the falsely labeled “Resistencia” cover name for the band of Chavista thugs in Honduras who are in fact trying to establish another Communist dictatorship there, is using this artificial situation for propaganda value, to spread lies about it.

Where do “poor peasants” get enough weaponry to resist armies anyway? From selling tomatoes, or from rich plutocrats like George Soros trying to establish “socialist” regimes that will not allow any protest from peasants at all?

“Let the truth be told!”


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