Socialism is Stealth Rule by the Rich

well, when socialism gets finished with us the only money to finance any campaigns will come from the governing socialists.

The only money to finance anything for that matter. Why anybody thinks wealth confiscation and socialist rulers deciding who gets it would motivate producers to create more of it would be a smashing subject for a major new psychology research study.

Why anybody trusts people who say they want to help the poor, but rob other people’s money to do it, is another interesting study subject.

Another one, too explosive for socialist apologists, is to study where the money comes from to finance socialist campaigns, socialist policies, and socialist revolutions.

The richest people in the world pushed and cajoled at Honduras to crown as its next totalitarian dictator one of the richest and most corrupt elitist landowners from the most violent family from the most violent region of the country, the golpista Zelaya. The poor in Honduras were not fooled. Europeans and Americans are starting to wake up too. Latin Americans are pushing back against the new international socialist imperialist interventionist empire.



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