Immigration protests and the Arizona law

As preface, note the traditional use of the word “American” for a United States citizen. This is a convention that Hispanics south of the border also use when they refer to citizens of the United States of America.

##. You cannot blindly trust what Establishment Press says about the Arizona situation or any other controversial situation. Hondurans saw this clearly as the victims of lies and slander disguised as “news” from international news agencies.

##. Mexican laws and Mexican practice is much harsher with “illegal immigrants” in its own territory, whether they are passing through or living there, than Americans are with the Mexicans. The Mexican government has just admitted this in their reaction to Amnesty International’s comments. (Note that Amnesty International is not pure on the subject, however)

##. Most Americans don’t understand how anyone can make a legitimate protest against enforcement of the law in this issue. They do understand that the federal government (both parties) have not enforced the immigration laws, and their Congress has not put teeth into their laws.

##.What most Americans and most Latins don’t understand is the “divide and conquer” mentality of the “powers that be”. While poor Latins and poor blacks and poor whites can be played against each other, they can be manipulated more easily.
***NOTE***: See my comment below accepting correction in another blog, because AZ laws already address the employer

##. Why pass a law making it a felony to be in the state illegally, while failing to make it a felony to knowingly hire a person who is in the state illegally? (–NOTE: AZ laws do address this–)

The Constitution bans restrictions on movement between states, so anyone in the country legally can go to Arizona legally. The employer side of these laws is probably more difficult to enforce but would also probably be more effective in accomplishing the purported purpose of the law. Accusations of racism among supporters of this law are mindless, vacuous slurs, but the failure to go after “illegal employers” with the same enthusiasm is skewed.

—By the way, this is NOT advocacy for such a provision, but recognition of the disparity in this particular law.

##. Accusations of racism will only backfire. To Americans who see themselves in danger of losing their jobs, and the ones who have lost jobs on the “bottom rung”, it stings mightily to see themselves accused of refusing to do such work.

Such lines are easy to throw out to agitate Latins and blacks. They are an insult to those latinos and blacks, not just whites, who want to see laws enforced. The accusations are meant to shut the ears of the gullible.

##. Forgotten in the background noise is that “illegal aliens” make up a full one-third! of the prison population in the United States. Arizona ranchers are scared, and Phoenix residents are fully aware of their city bearing the distinction as the kidnapping capital of the United States.

Decent Latin immigrants and native latinos are paying the price for MS-13 and the 18, both in their own blood and in laws that may affect them. Like a lot of them will tell you, there are many who flee to the States because they “owe somebody something” back home.


    The “taxpayer”

. The USA has some of the most abusive tax laws in the world, especially with respect to those who live abroad, because it extracts (extorts) full income tax from all American citizens –and– from all legal residents, including all income from foreign sources.

##. Many of the loudest supporters of the controversial law readily admit that they do not blame the poor from other places for wanting to escape poverty, and express high regard for the immigrant’s enthusiastic approach to their work.

##. The issue is being used to dilute the American public’s resistance to attacks on their own constitutional rights, universal human rights. This is done in two ways.

Americans have a strong traditional respect for consideration of such rights, which is why the “powers-that-be” had to whittle away at them in tiny steps. Immigrants come mostly from places that are accustomed to abuse and corruption at all levels, because that is most countries, increasingly so even Western Europe.

##. There is no reason that Hondurans or any other Latins cannot arrange their laws to allow free enterprise to prosper, such as has been done in Chile. This will require a determination at all levels, from the richest of the so-called “seven families” all the way down to the city clerk that demands extra payment for city services, to the janitor who takes anything that’s loose.

##. Some have said whites don’t have any idea what it is to be racially profiled. This is really hilarious, since the speaker himself has just made himself guilty of profiling whites by race. I myself once worked in a vocational school in the middle of Liberty City, the only white guy for a time, and some of the students there “racially profiled” me all the time.

Even Martin Luther King said, We have made our point, now it’s time to move on to the economic inequities, because there are many white poor also suffering.

##. Someone else also said they “don’t see whites lining up to scrub toilets, working in fast food restaurants, or working out in the hot sun roofing”. I have, lots of them. Immigrants are simply cheaper and more available in major urban areas. He should get out of his own neighborhood sometime, maybe.

##. It seems to me that everyone should be freed from government restraints on commerce and travel. Freely move about, freely trade. This will lift everyone up.

But don’t get misled by the false label of “free trade agreement”. Any agreement that requires tens of thousands of pages of printed text like the WTO and GATT, is “managed trade” NOT free trade. If trade is truly free, there’s nothing to adjudicate except crimes like fraud, theft by fraud, and criminal neglect (like selling contaminated food).

Get governments out of the oppressive business of deciding who gets subsidies, which cause, and the rest. Not for nothing that to this day, the Dem administration in Washington, just like the previous Rep administration, refuses outright to share the names of the banks it gave money to in 2008 and 2009. If a failing company is “too big to fail”, then it MUST be allowed to fail to give room to the better-managed organizations.

##. The referenced report from the “Independent Truth Commission” into the American invasion of Panama revealed some new facts, but in my opinion the source is of dubious credibility. I saw no references to official credentials, so maybe it was issued by the usual socialist suspects. We may agree with them on the American governments’ continuing propensity to interfere with the internal affairs of its southern neighbors, including the present administration, but we differ on which way it pushes these days.

That said, one must also be skeptical of official commissions. Hondurans saw the stupidities and lies in the “official” UN report on their enforcement of their own constitution, after all.



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  1. trutherator Says:

    I have been corrected on one point.

    AZ law already addresses the employer side of unauthorized employment.

    Thanks to one Dan Miller on the lagringasblogicito blog who even provided a link to web sites with the actual text of the law: Text of Arizona’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Law.

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