Ulf Erlingsson: Resistencia and democracy in Honduras

Ulf Erlingsson has written another enlightening article about Honduras:

Resistencia and democracy in Honduras

As usual, Mr. Erlingsson provides intelligent insight into recent events in Honduras, a trait that has merited him the privilege of getting wind of unpublicized factoids, like Lobo’s stint as student in Moscow courtesy of the Communist Party.

–I find that perfectly credible. My wife is from Honduras and we know one person intimately who was very clearly offered the same deal. This person was very young and starting out, and was enticed by a fellow poll watcher with meetings and parties, a guaranteed goodly income, a list of benefits, if she joined them. The Communist operatives are NOT “proletariat”, neither are their sponsors. A “deal with Satan” as the story goes.

–But as to the method offered by you (Ulf) to avoid the backdoor coup, it might be more productive to just blow the whistle loud and clear.

–The secret meetings that it is said are working on a new constitution are working on far more than just that, of course. They told us they would have their constitution no matter what, but this new cover fraud constitution is getting developed as part of the whole strategy matrix, whose purpose is to overthrow the current government completely and any vestiges of same, and take complete power.

The most obvious component, the one they can’t argue against, is that they want to get rid of those pesky “articulos petreos”, the ones that cannot be changed under the current constitution.

A new constitution provides cover for throwing out the entire government top to bottom and populating the new one with the people they want at the top, at lower levels with pliant operatives who will “get with the program” and do what they’re told. Best of all, they get to have all three branches of government.

Most of all, if they have to execute a fraud to pull off a majority cover, they would only have to do that once. We saw that Zelaya and his cohorts were already set up to do this on June 28, 2009, as the computers were found with the numbers loaded and ready to go. They knew how the vote would go before there was a vote.

We saw this game played out in Venezuela already. The poor are much worse off following Chavez’s “Cuba model” (his words), the electorate has less power than ever, the unions have been gelded, independent media obliterated, and businesses confiscated to give to friends of the new socialist order. So the poor be damned, they just want their dictatorship. Their consciences are salved with lies about the “poor” and the “elite”.

In the words of one diputado in the Congressional session of June 28, “The poor are not a toy!” to be play around with.

–BUT–If the more freedom-friendly members in the Honduras Congress start promoting major constitutional changes, instead of heading off back-room deals to trash the current constitution, you’re opening the door to Pandora’s box and giving them the opening they needed, and they don’t even have to take the blame!

–ARTICLE 3 of the Honduras Constitution says roughly:

Article 3: “No one is owes obeisance to obey a usurper government, nor to anyone who assumes public function by force of arms or through procedures that violate or do not recognize THIS constitution and the laws pursuant thereto. Measures enacted by such authorities are null and void, and the people have the right to insurrection in defense of the constitutional order.”

–Hondurans do not want Communism, they do not want socialism, they do not want dictatorship. Hondurans would smell a rat in any major push for constitutional change anyway, and it would invite more turbulence to push it.

–As much as most Hondurans might be tempted by the prospect of getting Micheletti for president again, they will NOT want it at the cost of such a “constitutional assembly” or at the risk of having another Zelaya.

–Nobody had to tell them, they KNEW that Zelaya’s “cuarta urna” would be a FRAUD, and they were certainly proven right. “It takes on to know one”, and a Honduran knows a Honduran. Even this “resistance” group knows it was a fraud, they just don’t care. They admitted so much when they gave up before the November elections, Juan Barahona said they didn’t have popular support. If they had achieved the constitutional assembly in the negotiated agreement, even if it were fairly counted, I’m sure they had plans to declare it a fraud and try to just take over anyway. They had their clandestine arms factories and hidden stockpiles ready, as we saw, and they are on a hunt for reporters now.

–The reporters are the heroes in Honduras right now.

–It’s a lesson for everybody around the world now. Beware of calls for constitutional assemblies.



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