ell the Truth About Honduras: CIDH’s Devil is in the Details

Ulf has followed the situation in Honduras with balance, some good analysis, and this one refers to the report from CIDH, which purportedly defends human rights.

Apparently their copious but careful use of words and details convinced him this was a reasoned opinion that the removal of Zelaya by Congress was unconstitutional, was a military coup, while admitting the Supreme Court had authority and grounds enough to remove him. (Apparently after a good long court case).

But I have read the Honduran Constitution, and no multitude of words can deny that it provides legality, in context, to the auto-golpista ex-president’s removal, at least as much as the convoluted route supposedly preferred by this pretentious analysis.

In any case the renegade criminal ex-president had already forced an extra-constitutional situation not envisioned within that document, with loss of the executive branch of constitutional government, and the constitutional authorization of every Honduran citizen to restore such order.

Zelaya had already established disrupted constitutional order completely, making perfection in details for its restoration an impossibility. Especially institutions that have trouble finding fault with Hugo Chavez!!

The interventionist Hugo Llorens and the Allende-era Communist Insulza made sure of that by trying to restrain the Hondurans, and the massive quiet infiltration of foreign agents and operatives created a volatile situation that required a lightning-fast response.

And the “word on the street” I’ve had from friends in Honduras was that Hillary Clinton herself was personally pleading with officials in Honduras to “wait and see what happens on June 28”, but they ALL KNEW that this meant letting the DE-FACTO DICTATOR ZELAYA have his way and his fraudulent “survey” results. Not only that, they had the pieces in place for a storming on Congress of mobs to make sure they couldn’t meet, and as a minimum to force a bloodbath and making a human sacrifice of his gullible few for propaganda points.

Honduras finally realized that the international “friendly powers” were not helping, but instead trying to establish a new socialist dictatorship to follow the Castro-Chavez model. How’s that working out for you?

So Honduras RESTORED constitutional order by recognizing the usurper golpista Zelaya’s abandonment of his office, whether they made it explicit or not, and the Supreme Court later validated the succession. Meantime, 85 percent of Hondurans didn’t care about these nuances anyway, they just wanted Zelaya’s coup stopped right now. (Fraudulent “surveys” don’t count, as even the “Resistencia” recognized before elections).

And immediately the entire world power structure became better overnight experts on Honduran law than the Honduran attorney-general, or the entire body of Congress, the Supreme Court, the human rights obundsman, the Catholic Church, the Protestant churches, and dozens of commercial and union organizations.

Oh, and they knew better than Hondurans what happened in Honduras, all because they saw Zelaya on television in pajamas. Right. —After he changed into them at the San Jose airport.

Congress had authority to

recognize Zelaya’s own de-facto abandonment of the constitutional office of president by virtue of his auto-coup. That’s what they did in on June 28, 2009, in the longest Congressional session I’ve ever watched, because CNN-E put it on live from Honduras all that day. —It was maybe the only time CNN-E got it right.

Just because they spent a lot of words down in the details doing it and happened to find some new complaints doesn’t mean they got it right. “Extensive analysis”, indeed!

It just looks like the CIDH is merely making the best of the situation on the ground and found one of those deceitful “middle grounds”, making it look like a reasoned opinion, when it was merely an attempt to condemn the constitutional halt to the auto-coup by Zelaya and proven coup engineer Hugo Chavez.

Maybe they’re trying to provide cover for their sponsors, their benefactors.

The Honduras Constitution explicitly gives the right of its interpretation to the Honduran Congress, and they agreed by their 124-4 vote on June 28, 2009 that Manuel Zelaya had more than met the conditions for ending his presidency.

Sure, everybody could have waited for a court case, but there was also the urgency of protecting constitutional order, so they took the quick route.

As to exile, the military is the constitutional body charged with protecting the constitutional order. In the court case involving the charges against the military ensuing from the “exile”, the evidence was also offered of intelligence in their hand to the effect that the arrest and imprisonment of the ex-president figured into plans for massive disruptions of civil order.

But besides that, if you knew that 80 percent of the population hated your guts including the people in your own party that you had betrayed, and you knew you were guilty of treason, and you were offered a choice between (1)_prison, trial, and a long sentence, or (2)_a trip out of the country where you could wail and wine and dine on the dime of your country’s outspoken enemies…. Which choice would YOU make?

I’m convinced that’s exactly what happened, meaning, he was not forcibly exiled. BUT the parties involved who so decided, I’m sure, also do not want such a dirty deal made public either.

No difference, the dictators clubs around the world were going to condemn them either way.

Another point. Never you saw such total instant coordination from ALL the governments of the world and ALL the established international news sources of the world.

Doing the math on that last one is your homework, boys and girls.


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