Tax Cuts? We aren’t that stupid Mr. Puppet President

Obama says we should be grateful for all those “tax cuts” last year.

I cannot believe he is telling the American people he thinks we are just stupid, adding insult to injury. So next he’s going to tell us that he increased the net production of goods and services in the country just by adding a bunch of big numbers of fake Fed money to a bunch of files in government computers, and offered to add computer money to ours.

Forget the dollars, we are still waiting for a little bit of jingle jangle pocket change…


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2 Responses to “Tax Cuts? We aren’t that stupid Mr. Puppet President”

  1. Johnny Peepers Says:

    What about all those economy boosting U.S. Census jobs? He put 3 million Americans to work handing out t-shirts and trucker hats in grocery store parking lots. The phone banks are packed with federal contractors trying to find out why you didn’t return your form.

  2. trutherator Says:

    The census is one of the limited constitutional duties of the federal government. The short form census, that is. The “long form” has hugely intrusive unconstitutional questions that are not necessary for the constitutional purpose of computing congressional and electoral representation.

    The point is to wake up the remaining somnolent folks to the fact that they are being had, and the regime’s orchestrators are laughing at them.


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