Honduras stopped Zelaya’s Coup: Remember that

Beware of news and media reports that repeat lies about Honduras under cover of quotes from the coup plotting dictator Manuel Zelaya and his allies among the “Resistencia” liars.

Manuel Zelaya had already overthrown constitutional government, and ruled over his own coup d’etat.

The self-coup dictator Zelaya broke the law and Constitution when he refused to submit a 2009 budget to Congress, and spent tax receipts at whim.

He tried to extort “democratic” cover from Congress by threatening tanks, mobs, and cutting off their funds.

He tried to extort judicial cover from the Supreme Court by cutting off their funds.

He tried to extort cover from the Superior Elections Tribunal by cutting off their funds.

He violated the Constitution by calling for presidential re-election as part of a fraudulent constitutional assembly.

(The Honduran Constitution declares explicitly (Article 239) that any call for presidential reelection in any way, or support for it, direct or indirect, has automatically and immediately removed himself from any government post.)

He multiplied his violations by refusing to obey several Supreme Court orders to cease and desist in his illegal activities. (He said he didn’t have to follow any orders from pipsqueak judges).

He refused to implement any laws passed by Congress.

He employed foreign powers in his efforts to consolidate his overthrow of the government and subvert the Constitution and the republican form of government, printing his illegal and fraudulent “forms” in Venezuela.

He demonstrated his willingness to take his dictatorial ambitions to civil war when he defied the Supreme Court order confiscating the illegal “forms”, leading a violent mob to break into the warehouse where they were stored as evidence.

On June 25-26, he changed the title of his June 28 “referendum/survey” to eliminate the connection to the November 29 elections, and to cover for his plan to send a mob at the Honduran Congress that Sunday to prevent any countervailing action from there.

These are all things the golpista dictator Zelaya did in the open and publicly.

And now the entire world can see that Manuel Zelaya is an unmitigated liar who signs an agreement and then refuses to abide by it. One day he says one thing, the next day he says another.

The Brazilian Congressmen who visited Honduras said they were extremely surprised to find an almost totality of support for the consitutional transition government among Brazilians resident there.

You cannot trust the government-media complex anymore, because it shows itself beholden to the de facto powers that are working to establish their rule over the nations of the world. Honduras is just one case in point.

delighted to be the husband of a girl proudly Honduras,
and at another example of God’s defense of a little people that trusted in him…


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