Why “Overpopulation” is a myth

Enviro-shills are whining about Crichton’s rants. He talks about science. Gore talks up science, based on hoax-gate fake data points.

Crichton bested the scientists Gore dragged into that debate, big time, audiences never change so drastically 180 like that.–Plus he’s right.

One Canadian engineer totally slew the numbers from the UN climate change panel, who had to eat crow, and that was before emails-climate-gate.

–Crichton’s books are good, except for when he gets pro-darwin, they’re didactic. If you don’t want to learn anything don’t read ’em. Or if you want to stay in the safety of avoiding the anguish of attempting rebuttals to the points he make.

He used real live true numbers in State of Fear. Crisis! Crisis! People take more abuse when there’s a “crisis!”.

Truth is, NOBODY knows how much population the earth can “sustain”.

The same cries about population and sustainability blah blah, they have been repeating the same exact chant ad infinitum ever since this stupid myth started with George Malthus, one evil character who thought they should just let the poor die from epidemics instead of helping treat them.

Google up (or better yet, another appropriate search engine) “infinite energy magazine”. Instead of impoverishing everybody based on NOT-science, we could support some real science and get deserts blooming again like Israel did.



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