Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!

My answer to Abraham Lowenthal of the LA Times article…

Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!
This “Democracy Now” paid disinformation group should tell their real goal, which is to End Democracy Now.
Zelaya was also caught in the Honduras press saying democracy never did any good for Honduras. (He didn’t tell that it’s a lot better than CastroChavismo).

He was legally and constitutionally deposed. There is a constitutional defense for his exile, but if the expatriation was what the clubs of dictators and dictator-aspirants that call themselves the “international community” was really concerned about– meaning clubs of dictators– then they would bundle him up and return him.

Fact is, the people that these dictators and their friends rule over, they are not so concerned with Honduras, the little country that said, “We will keep our constitutional democracy!”

Truth is these LIARS would have condemned his arrest as a coup. Any excuse will do, but please don’t confuse their victims with the truth eh?

If Honduras at some points suffers the imposition of a dictator from outside, or a dictator from inside –like Zelaya– with the help of an outside force to oppress the Honduran people –like the Castro-Chavez cabal–, or whether it is a home-grown threat, it will be like Micheletti said, an invasion force only.

Mel Zelaya and Patricia Rodas and Hugo Chavez are the golpistas, they are the dictators, they are the coup plotters, they are the robbers of the people, they are the murderers, they are the abusers of human rights!

Hey liars, what about the “human right” of the Honduran people to self-determination? The Honduran people are going to vote on November 29, 2009, in numbers and percentages never seen before in the history of this brave little democracy. They will vote with more enthusiasm than ever before. They will have more hope for GOOD change than anybody ever had true reason to hope for in the USA. Why? Because before their very eyes they saw even their corrupt and sometimes cowardly of their congressmen join the honest and brave ones to defend them against tyranny and surrogate invasion.

The Castro-Chavez-Zelaya coup plotting cabal was not able to buy off anybody but a few hand-picked cronies. The entire government gave a blow against the Empire that is still resonating around the world. The whole world is waking up to the treason against democracy perpetrated from “high places” against this little mouse that roared in real life.

And they want Honduras to cover for their stupidity! Like King Saul in the Bible, pleading with Samuel to bless him for his sins before the people so he won’t be exposed publicly!

The Castro-Chavez-Zelayista coup plotting dictators and interventionist imperialists will try to disrupt them, but they will not succeed. Not this time.

To succeed, they would need to arm an invasion force and pretend it is a Honduran movement. But this will not succeed for a long, long time. With the entire legitimately constituted government united against tyranny,



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