Freedom of press? Look at Venezuela! Democracy?

There are so-called false “human rights” groups that if they get their way you won’t have any left. They have gone full bore against Honduras, but they have a problem there, Honduras followed its constitution and their government respects its citizens rights and the military obeys the constitutional civilian authorities.

That’s why Zelaya’s own coup d’etat and his dictatorial rule by decree was halted, and democratic government restored on June 28, 2009 by the removal of the usurper criminal.

Hondurans are very solid behind their current government.

Is a president above the law or not?

Can a true democratic republic, where people freely elect their representatives, can they remove a president or not?

Congress voted 124-4 based on a long list of constitutional imperatives that Zelaya was no longer president, and then recognized officially that constitutional succession fell to Micheletti.

The Honduras Supreme Court ruled 15-0 that his antics violated constitutional demands that also automatically stipulated that he was no longer president for his actions.

Both these civilian constitutional bodies, one of them elected by they very same citizens that voted for the ex-president, recognized the succession.

The Elections Tribunal also unanimously ruled that he violated the stipulations for voting on such things and recognized the constitutionality of the succession. And that the constitution DEMANDED succession.

The two major parties, and the two largest minor parties, recognized the succession as legitimate and constitutional and democratic.

All of the above expressed gratitude to the Armed Forces for their respect of the rule of law, and the Constitution, and for civilian rule.

But the Almighty Great and Supreme Rulers of the World have decreed, that 85 percent of the Honduran people had themselves an illegal coup.
…Overnight, they became better experts at Honduran constitutionality than even the entire unanimous Supreme Court (and almost every last lawyer in Honduras, including the vast majority of Honduran constitutional specialists, among whose number is Miguel Estrada).

..They became better experts at what is democratic in Honduras that almost all the Honduran Congress. Where can you get a vote like that? If the Senate had voted by that margin against Bill Clinton, then Gore would have already been president in the USA.

In Honduras, the president was not above the law.

Zelaya fought the law, and the law won…



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