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Sometimes good things come from bad

September 3, 2009

Now in a couple of places I’ve seen the following expression of gratitude toward Mel Zelaya with a litany of such things as making them pray, united Hondurans against him.

For the benefit of English-speakers, I translated this sincere declaration of gratitude from a Honduran for what has happened as a result of Mel Zelaya’s failed coup d’etat. If I find out who originally wrote it, I will credit it to him.

Note that I did my best to translate it with fidelity to the Spanish. They are not my thoughts, in other words, but they do express the sentiment of the overwhelming majority of Hondurans.

No matter what somebody claims that a poll says, or what some polling company says, Hondurans know that they are as a people very strongly united against Zelaya returning to power. The Michelletti government has more popular support, from rich and from the poor in equal percentages, than any other government probably in the history of Honduras, for the simple fact that he is not Zelaya.




This is a goodbye to you Mel, because for all the bad things you have done to us, you did draw forth some good things for which I give you thanks.

** You were the best Evangelist, you united the Catholics and the Evangelicals, the Catholic Church and the Evangelicals, for the first time since the 16th century, as never before. And never before have the churches been so full.

** You were the best of constitutionalists, because now most Hondurans have read the Constitution of the Republic.

** You drew out our self-esteem, our love for our country, we sang the national anthem in the streets, you taught us that we should sing it, and not just in soccer games.

** The whole world is watching us and they have learned that we value ourselves as a courageous and intelligent people.

** Because of you, Mel Zelaya, our people learned to know the difference between this true democratic system with freedom, and that system of Chavez and his buddies.

** Thanks to your stubbornness, that’s the way you’ll go into history, and no future president will try to impose a system of leftist totalitarianism, we are immunized for many years more (A Million Thanks!)

** Thank you, because of your behavior we learned the different branches of justice in our country.

** Because of you we have been listening to the news, and we know the different kinds of news sources, some independent and others paid off; you remember Esdras Amado Lopez, and Piquito Maldonado, principalmente.

** Families are now united in prayer, with their petitions that the evil one leave us (that would be you) from our beloved Honduras.

** Thank you, because on the 29th of November we will go and vote in massive numbers, nobody is going to stay home, and absenteeism will be minimal.

** Thank you, because we remember the Lord’s perfect prayer, “Our Father”. I recommend you read it, and even better you study it, and put it into practice.

** Honduras, that little piece of land in the center of the Americas, is no konwn internationally and not for our exquisite coffee, not for our delicious bananas, but for our courage and bravery, moral values that are lacking in many nations around the world.

** Thanks to you we know the moral turpitude and professionalism of our army and we appreciate it, because it does not sell out like in some countries in Alba.

** Thanks to you, Hondurans are all united in the face of adversity, without regard to race, or social status, religion, political party. We are united demanding respect for our sovereignty, liberty and democracy.

** Thanks to Chavez our love for country is stirred up, and we answer to him, let him come, and he will find 7.5 million Hondurans, ready to die for our beloved Honduras.

** Thanks to you we will never again get carried away by the looks or the tongue of our politicians, but we will study and choose with care our next governments when we exercise the vote.

** You taught us to distrust and OAS, realizing it follows what ALBA wants.

** And now the whole world knows, the international news network CNN also follows Chavez interests.

** God is with us and he has control, not even a high-magnitude earthquake could break us; much less this politicial crisis.

** The eyes of the Lord are upon our people and the eyes of the world too.

“There is no evil that does not come for a good reason.”

–(author unknown)