CNN’s premature broadcast: Hondurans know about that

CNN recently broadcast on the air a report that the Coast Guard was firing on naval vessels unknown in the D.C. area, and then had to apologize. It was a training and practice exercise.

Hondurans already know first-hand CNN’s propensity for reporting before knowing the matter, and then persisting when corrected.

Among the many American expats in Honduras and others with connections to this proud example of democracy in Central America, in shining contrast to the socialism-afflicted neighbor Nicaragua, there are self-described “progressives” and votes for Obama who anguished and confused at the support of the Obama administration and Dem Party congressmen for socialist Chavez-buddy coup plotter Mel Zelaya, who tried to overthrow the Honduras constitution, democracy, and government there.

These liberals have written their own Dem Party state senators and representatives in the United States and cannot fathom why they get no response at all, let alone a listening ear to someone in the middle of the action, while those with Republican congressmen are encouraged by the support they hear for the true constitutional republic alive and well in “free, democratic, and independent Honduras”.

Take note demagogues: this writer trusts neither of the two-faced party cartel now in nominal control of the US.

CNN reported a “coup” on June 28, 2009 before they even knew what happened, even with previous reports from Honduras about Zelaya’s illegal activities, dutifully under-reported. Coup plotter Mel at the time of his arrest was told to get dressed but refused, having been prepped by his coup-plotting advisers beforehand on how to pretend to be the victim.

On June 28, 2009, the only Honduran experts they could find supported Zelaya’s arrest as a criminal, and insisted the transition was absolutely democratic and constitutional, so when they went back to saying Mel’s ouster was a “coup”, they knew it was not.

They had to report the demonstration of June 30, 2009, when probably a million –one-fifth the Honduran population– marched in the streets of the whole nation demanding that the world listen to the truth, with 500,000 in San Pedro Sula alone…

CNN, and the rest of Doublespeak Media Cartel, still today pretends there is a real movement to bring Mel Zelaya back to Honduras. It is important to note that they actively, purposefully, and with premeditated malice, cover up the overwhelming popular support for the present THREE-branch government, of whom only one-third is headed by President Micheletti.

They also have heard the truth, they have a big staff in CNN-Espanol that can understand the Honduran Constitution, so they could give air time to what they know is the truth and instead just repeat the officiial New World Order lies.

They cover up OAS Secy-Genl Insulza’s Communist anti-democratic history, which start in the openly Marxist regime of Allende in Chile, where looky here, Allende was organizing his own auto-coup under cover of another “constitutional assembly” to rewrite their constitution.

Here’s a blatant outright CNN lie. On June 28, 2009, they said on air repeatedly that their own signal was blocked in Honduras. This broadcast was recorded in Honduras, and our friends in Honduras told us they watched it with unbelief.

Here’s another blatant CNN lie by criminally negligent reporting. Criminal because they know the truth, and broadcast the lie without the other side of the story. There are companies in America that have sued network broadcasts for less under criminal libel laws.

That lie was the blatantly false “report” from the so-called UN Commission on Human Rights in Honduras, saying that the opposition was censored, naming at least one specific radio broadcaster that has emitted non-stop vitriol against the constitutional order and demanded that coup plotter Mel Zelaya be restored to power.

CNN and its media siblings lie when it talks about “resistance” in Honduras, which no longer exists except for isolated incidents from some handfuls.

Doublespeak Liars Media also tells you there’s been dozens of murders since they stopped Mel’s coup plot. There are fewer murders now than there were before, but they don’t tell you that.

They don’t tell you about the bloody massacre of a dozen nuns and priests by his father, angry at the rejection of one of the nuns, where their blood cries out now against this coup plotter Mel himself. They don’t tell you about Mel’s son murdering Elvin Santo’s son, a fellow Liberal Party member and now presidential candidate for the November 2009 elections.

Doublespeak Liars Media told you unions are going on strike in Honduras and demanding Mel’s return. But it’s only the government-school teachers’ union that has gone on strike. And they don’t tell you that the same teachers’ union went on strike at least 115 times against the Zelaya regime, by count! And they don’t tell you that the great majority of teachers were back in classrooms early on…

They dutifully report the opinion of “experts” who say Obama just wants to avoid looking like the bully down south.

Such racist chauvinism comes so natural to socialist non-thinkers, they can’t help let it show sometimes. Talking as if Latins aren’t in the room, don’t matter.

Hondurans are watching the United States join the bullies in beating up the Honduran people, and helping attempts to overthrow democracy there in favor of an outspoken and blatant socialist who shocked his own countrymen by joining the Castro-Chavez dictators’ club.

Most Honduran-Americans voted for Obama I suspect, but overnight the Obama regime converted them into another fierce anti-Obama political force, adn turn a lot of them into Republicans, to add to almost all the Venezuelan-Americans and Nicaraguan-Americans and Cuban-Americans.

Latins know who the real bullies are.

The Honduras situation today shows that the Latin democracy in Honduras is actually stronger than anywhere else, in my opinion, at the least compared to Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Nicaragua.

And Cuba, which almost got an invitation to rejoin that same OAS that condemns Hondurans’ defense of democracy.

See one of the prime powerful movers behind the modern resurgence of socialism, one of the unofficial ruling Commisars of socialism, who got praise for returning to the poor a pittance of what he robbed from them:

See who the real astroturf agitators are here, pledging $5 million to push socialist health care:

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