Tyrannies and dictatorships not welcome in Honduras…

Some people seem eager to prove the old adage “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. Mark Twain is quoted as saying “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”. Such is the case in Honduras.

It seems the super–rich business elites of the international socialist cartel, with publicly visible faces like George Soros and the Foundations, and Castro, and more shadowy forces like whoever is funding the disinformation operatives showing up all over the Internet repeating the slanderous lies about the peaceful freedom-loving Hondurans. They want to eliminate all possible opposition with any kind of local economic clout.

Not to mention the liars and spin-twisters in your face on news broadcasts and reports. Trying to play up the numbers of Mel supporters, knowing how scant few they are. Hondurans know. 100,000 in San Pedro Sula on June 20 rallying against Mel and in favor of the new interim constitutional government, and the best the Melistas have been able to muster has been 1,000.

Everybody wanted dictator Zelaya out of there. Hondurans are very satisfied with their constitution as is, thank you very much. We are dear friends of many poor in Tegucigalpa, and they all agree.

We have hundreds of Honduran friends here in Miami. All of them despise Mel and spit sulphuric acid when they hear his name, except for one poor lone guy. Just one of hundreds. What’s the percentage.

The poor are the bottom line, but this people has moral fiber, moral turpitude. Their fiery disgust with the guy who wanted to throw his whole country to the wolves because they promised he could be lord of the manor, has made them more than willing to muddle through the hardships.

After all, you don’t have a worse dictatorship in the Americas than Cuba during the last fifty years, and they toughed it out for tyranny, Honduras can do it for “representative democracy”, or freedom as they say. Like one caller to Michael Savage’s program, about Obama she said “What is he thinking?!” Then “We don’t want Communism in my country!!!”

The Congress was elected by the same poor voters that voted for Zelaya, and they voted 144-4 to confirm Michelletti as president under the constitution.

As soon as he pushed Honduras into the ALBA dictators’ club, Zelaya took off his sheep’s clothing, what big teeth you have Grandma!

Constitutional violation. No budget for Congress in 2008 for the next fiscal year, as required by law.

Multiple violations. Funds diverted from programs for the poor to his criminal coup fraud.

Multiple violations. Taxi drivers paid to bring a car full of people to his rallies, and government workers brought in, all at the people’s expense.

Multiple violations. Breaking the constitution even by announcing the effort to re-elect himself under cover of a fraudulent constitutional convention, violating Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 42, 239, 373 and 374, which also declare it to be “treason” and an offense that causes “immediate cessation of official capacity”.

It even says that Mel’s efforts to keep power justifies a constitutional insurrection against such a perpetrator.

Another violation: The Congress is the only body empowered to change the constitution, so he just ordered one.

Another violation… Dictator Mel Zelaya ordered the independent Supreme Electoral Tribunal to carry out his criminal so-called “survey” fraud. They refused, so he ordered the more pliant Statistics Department to do it. Meaning his own guys will organize the count, take the count, compile the count, compute it, and announce it.

Another violation… He orders the head of the Armed Forces to help him distribute these false “ballots” or “forms”, still trying to keep a semblance of PR fraud cover for this coup. He refuses this illegal order, as ordered by the Supreme Court, and in this case specifically empowered to do in the Honduras Constitution.

Another violation…Supreme Court unanimously orders him reinstated, and he acts as if the order has no effect.

The biggest action in violation… He brings about 1,000 of his people together on June 25, 2009, to march on the Air Force base where the illegal ballots are housed, that had been confiscated at the airport when they came in from Venezuela. They violently break the lock to recover them, and carry them off, and begin distributing them throughout the country.

1.Having broken laws respecting legal accountability for budget and funds,
2.violated existing constitutional limits,
3.dealt with foreign powers to subvert the Honduran constitution,
4.ordered the Armed Forces to carry out a military coup d’etat,
5.subverted the legitimate functions of government departments by decree to overthrow democratic constitutional order,
6.by his actions, invoked the constitutional clause that removed him from being president,
7.tried to incite violence on the part of his followers on various occasions following,
8.and continues his illegal criminal treason, so constitutionally defined, in the exterior of the country, doing harm daily to the country and insisting that outside nations force Honduras to overthrow its own democratic constitutional order and install him in power again.


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