A Neutral Point of View??

Is wikipedia capable of maintaining a “neutral point of view”?

The concept of a “neutral point-of-view” is a nonsensical delusion. It is a contradiction of itself because first, it holds up one point-of-view as refraining from judgments about other points of view, while holding itself immune from judgment.

But the realquestion is WHO DECIDES what is “neutral”?

The “germ theory” of disease was considered crackpot science when first proposed, and the doctor that insisted on it was finally put into an insane asylum.

So not even the “consensus” view is so reliable, nor the majority view, nor the minority view, and certainly not the “experts'” view. Caveat emptor, in history, science, religion, government,

See Michael Crichton’s view of “consensus”:


Totally wrong data permeates wikipedia (and by the way, government textbooks in all areas too!). There is material stated as fact on wikipedia that I know from personal experience is unequivocally false, and tried to correct, only to be overwhelmed by admins and other misguided souls.

The “traditional” print encyclopedias have a point of view, and now wikipedia’s example is proving that the air of authoritative factual statement is a veneer.

A ruling “committee of truth” cannot make the content true or falsify it. The truth stands on its own merits. “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”.

Each point of view should have its own web page. I have known of special-topic wikis that implement a policy of providing two separate web pages for where there is more than one conflicting view.

It is STUPIDITY to think wikipedia is reliable or factual, once you simply consider the thought. It is useful in a hurry in things that have no significant dissent, but why should anybody actually think it is the last word on anything?

The same for any self-appointed arbiter of things Internet that fake an air of objective analysis. Ha. Beware of wolves wearing sheep’s clothing!



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  1. expatyank Says:

    Just keep telling the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth….

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