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Was Todd Aiken right?

July 22, 2014

Answering commentary on WND’s article about Todd Aiken’s book:

Three reports that back him up:

Two years after CNN’s lineup laughed at Todd Aiken, CNN reports a medical study that says he was right:

The Guardian is not to be outdone:

And yet there will be people who will continue to say other unscientific pronouncements in spite of the facts, like the indented comments to follow here:

(1) So let’s see- first, you seem to confuse “stress” with emotions such as fear, anger, shame…the list goes on.

Who ever told you “emotions such as fear, anger, shame” are not causes of “stress”?

There are studies linked in the article of dramatically higher numbers of successful pregnancies after embryo implantation when a comedian visited the women during the minutes after the process.

(2) Second, you ignore Aiken’s own other comments, something to the effect that “I have several people on my staff who gave birth as a result of rape”- contradicting his own claim.

You ignore the fact that his comments were meant to show that he understood it does on occasion happens. One or two albino alligators does not mean that the y are common.

Re-read his “claim”, without prejudicing the semantics, to see that it is compatible with “the claim”.

(3) Third- again you misunderstand the term stress- in that prolonged stress can interfere with a womans cycle. This is far different from a stressful incident interfering with a normal cycle

Third, same as #1, you do misunderstand stress if you think such strong emotions have no connection to stress. Do you think the emotion of one night of rape disappears the next morning? In other contexts, feminists would call that a misognynist attitude. It is crazier than even what you thought was “his claimes” which it was not.

(4) Fourth- the evidence does not suggest that the incidence or pregnancy from rape is “very low”. Indeed, it seems to be slightly higher then any other single incidence of unprotected sex. Maybe see the studies and discussion related to the comments from Trent Franks in 213 here:…

Oh so now you accept a possible link, except you swallow whole that the connection is more pregnancies from rape than non-rape sex? And as to your government-issued numbers, do you believe everything your government always tells you? There are also official estimates that only half of rapes are reported, but more important, many reported rapes are not rapes. Women recant, for example, like the famous case in Chicago where the victim was a girl who cried rape to cover here consent sex with her boyfriend, but later was “born again” and decided to do the right thing to the victim of her accusation. It took her almost half a year, if memory serves.

I know of one case personally in which the boyfriend was locked away three times for abusing the girlfriend physically. The girlfriend confided to another friend that they were lies, she was just “tired of him”. He was apparently a “glutton for punishment” I guess.

Who is kidding who ??

July 14, 2014

Originally posted on The Gospel :

A certain WordPress blogger,, he being a catholic, is attempting to assert that Christians who do not accept catholicsm, or as he says ‘ hates it ‘,, says that we Protestants do not understand catholicism.

I say,, ” why do I need to understand catholicism ? “
If you want to be an expert on whether you are being given ‘ fake ‘ money,
you really need to become a tad expert on the ‘ original/genuine money’ and then,
You will know whether, you are being offered the fake more easily/expertly.
and so I say.. stick to Gods Word, in the King James bible,, not the fake so called Bibles like the NIV etc 
and you will know whether your being told the truth or not..Its relatively simple really.
After all, doesn’t your ‘ eternal life ‘ depend on knowing the truth of Gods word, and his Salvation,through The…

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Texas Gov. Perry and Obama talk border problem; Obama caught laughing big, Perry angry faced

July 13, 2014

Texas Gov. Perry and Obama talk border problem; Obama caught laughing big, Perry angry faced:

And while we’re at it:

But I don’t think Obama is just ginning up Dem Party voters. No, he’s continuing executing his plan to “fundamentally transform America”. That’s the one promises he always intended to keep, along with forming a new civil security force that rivals or exceeds the military in budget and force, probably to protect his “fundamental transformation”.

Joke’s on you, joke’s on us, joke’s on everybody else, but the ultimate joke will be on Obama and his sponsors.


Maybe he’s one of the “people of the Prince that shall come” mentioned at the end of Daniel Chapter 9. But even of their Supreme Lord, aka the “little horn” of Daniel, the “Beast” of Revelation, or the “antichrist shall come” of John’s epistle, it says in Daniel, “He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Sweden’s libertarian-leaning finance minister

July 13, 2014

When Europe’s finance ministers meet for a group photo, it’s easy to spot the rebel — Anders Borg has a ponytail and earring. What actually marks him out, though, is how he responded to the crash. While most countries in Europe borrowed massively, Borg did not. Since becoming Sweden’s finance minister, his mission has been to pare back government. His ‘stimulus’ was a permanent tax cut. To critics, this was fiscal lunacy — the so-called ‘punk tax cutting’ agenda. Borg, on the other hand, thought lunacy meant repeating the economics of the 1970s and expecting a different result.

Three years on, it’s pretty clear who was right. ‘Look at Spain, Portugal or the UK, whose governments were arguing for large temporary stimulus,’ he says. ‘Well, we can see that very little of the stimulus went to the economy. But they are stuck with the debt.’ Tax-cutting Sweden, by contrast, had the fastest growth in Europe last year, when it also celebrated the abolition of its deficit. The recovery started just in time for the 2010 Swedish election, in which the Conservatives were re-elected for the first time in history.

All this has taken Borg from curiosity to celebrity. The Financial Times recently declared him the most effective finance minister in Europe. When we meet in his Stockholm office on a Friday afternoon (he and his aide seem to be the only two left in the building) he says he is just carrying on 20 years of reform. ‘Sweden was a textbook case of European economic sclerosis. Very high taxes and huge regulatory burden.’ An economic crisis in the early 1990s forced Sweden on the road to balanced budgets, and Borg was determined the 2007 crash would not stop him cutting the size of government.

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Washington blog: Governments admit *many* false flag terrorist incidents:

July 13, 2014

Governments have admitted *many* times that they have carried out false flag terrorist incidents:

50 things that are being killed by the internet

July 13, 2014

Lists seem to be all the rage nowadays. Organizing my thoughts in a list was always my way of working them out, but it seems like somebody found out that listing a set of items is maybe an effective way of explaining those thoughts.

The Telegraph of the UK has posted a list of “50 things that are being killed by the internet”. I have a cuople of items of my own to add at the bottom, but first wanted to share reactions to some that didn’t belong.

4) Sarah Palin
Her train wreck interviews with Katie Couric were watched and re-watched millions of times on the internet, cementing the Republican vice-presidential candidate’s reputation as a politician out of her depth. Palin’s uncomfortable relationship with the web continues; she has threatened to sue bloggers who republish rumours about the state of her marriage.

That’s the point of view of somebody that didn’t like her much in the first place. It damaged her no more than Obama’s 57 states of the USA, or his fumbling uh-duh moments when he lost his teleprompter. Now Howard Dean’s oft-repeated yell after his primary shellacking at the Iowa caucuses, now that did kill his chances, and there wasn’t even that much Internet then.

That was just politics as usual. Lyndon B. Johnson’s ad hinting that Goldwater would start a nuclear war was not subtle at all, and certainly not fair at all, but it tilted the election results. Goldwater got his revenge and vindication later, though, with the election of his supporter Ronald Reagan in 1980, who also subverted the prognostications of establishment press.

16) Hoaxes and conspiracy theories
The internet is often dismissed as awash with cranks, but it has proved far more potent at debunking conspiracy theories than perpetuating them. The excellent continues to deliver the final, sober, word on urban legends.

So-called “conspiracy theories” are now vetted the way that should have been allowed. The Internet has also confirmed as true a very great many “conspiracy theories” that previously were hooted on by Old Traditional News Gatekeepers like the Telegraph.

Forget Snopes which needs its own indepenedent fact-checkers. Self-appointed “authorities” like Snopes are now exposes, as are anti-conspiracy theory “damage control” disinformation operations.

18) Authoritative reference works
We still crave reliable information, but generally aren’t willing to pay for it.

“Authoritative reference works” did not always provide “reliable information” but made you pay anyway. Wikipedia was proven more reliable in one study than Encyclopedia Britannica (take that Brits!), but of course nobody but the gullible accept there is any NPV (neutral point-of-view) on any “controversial” subject. And everybody knows at least one “non-controversial” topic that should be controverted.

22) Enforceable copyright
The record companies, film studios and news agencies are fighting back, but can the floodgates ever be closed?

Copyright RIP, meaning we will have much more peace when it’s no longer enforced. Government-enforced copyright began as a way for kings to censor books. You got a copyright from the king’s men if they approved your book, a right to print your book. Later on, some regimes began letting the authors of works copyright their own stuff.

And now, one can come up with an algorithm to solve a software issue and get a monopoly on it, even if it’s already been used as a routine in somebody else’s program. Pull the wool over the guys at the Copyright Office. It’s gotten so ridiculous that Microsoft got a “patent” not just “copyright” mind you on a method for associating a country using the domain suffix in an Internet URL. I saw it.

The Open Source phenomenon is growing fast and starting to overwhelm the powers that want to control what we read and view (and say). Open Source already won the computing wars, Android kicked out all other competing OS platforms withing months of hitting the market.

The “copyleft” idea of Open Source is infiltrating all other areas as well. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” There is “open source” computing hardware out there now. Open source programs for 3-D printers are ramping up and will mature into a challenge that will push into manufacturing sectors. The Open Source “meme” has obviously toppled the Information Gatekeeper Powers already, with a zillion wiki’s out there.

So many of us, and a growing number, are creating a much more interesting alternative to the “Copyright censors” who try to control who prints what, who says what, and who films what. In the end, it is still the same kings and the modern political heirs of the kings that dictate who can publish what. Rather they try to and they are going to lose. The only way they can stop it is to shut down the Internet everywhere, but that might also destroy the plans that the shadowy figures in the unseen background might have for it.

Yep, Matthew of the Telegraph, the Internet has not debunked the conspiracies that are real. The Daily Bell web site calls it “directed history”. It’s an obvious phenomenon that you will not help but to see it the more you talk about it. Kind of like taking a microscope to the Anthropomorphic Global Warming story and seeing a pre-rigged “hockey stick” and a the Climategate scandal, with bonus points for exposing the Peer Review racket of an Bad Old Boys’ Club.

28) Respect for doctors and other professionals
The proliferation of health websites has undermined the status of GPs, whose diagnoses are now challenged by patients armed with printouts.

This is part of the Information Explosion. I have a quote for it, Daniel 12:4 ” But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” The Internet has connections that double the information (in bytes) available every couple of years already.

BUT the Internet will also empower medical doctors that are also “general practitioners”, because new technologies make it easier for them to connect to patients and in many cases diagnose them without the need for a trip over the tram or the train.

This new Internet-powered Information Sphere has also empowered common folks to bypass the information gatekeepers of the pharmaceutical industry and their cronies in government agencies. The free market of information without the baggage of much more costly and bulky paper and broadcast media has blown the whistle on vaccine dangers, the nutrition deficiencies of processed foods, and much more than that.

And it can accelerate true science, as the work of science increasingly gets liberated from the restraints of government money and mandates. It will get increasingly difficult for political power to enforce its “consensus” science or to use it to increase centralizing control over nations and economies.

29) The mystery of foreign languages
Sites like Babelfish offer instant, good-enough translations of dozens of languages – but kill their beauty and rhythm.

The much bigger impact for foreign languages, whatever your native tongue, is the expanded opportunities to learn them.

Babelfish can occasionally be “good enough”, but it’s going to take a while to be “acceptable”, and the automatic translations can translate things to an understanding opposite to that intended. Don’t count on it. Especially translating between a language with double negatives and one without. Use it for a word or something. Those programs that help tourists are good enough.

Translations may improve but it will be colossally difficult to translate many jokes from one language to another, and probably impossible for those that depend on the language.

BUT like I said, the impact is in making it easier to learn a language. Books on-line, MOOGS, on-demand tutorials, on-demand videos in the language of choice. So I’ll add a subheading item here.

[My own addition to the list]

29-A. Learning a foreign language gets easier. Foreign language in classroom settings will diminish.

There is another language-related effect.

29-B. English will accelerate its international dominance.

It’s almost universally accepted that English is the international language. High-level fluency in conversational English is already required of traffic controllers in international airports. English is the basis for almost all computer programming languages already. Hackers that speak English only as a second language insisted that Eric S. Raymond include English on his list of requirements for aspiring computer hackers. Eric Raymond is the founder of the Open Source Foundation.

30) Geographical knowledge
With GPS systems spreading from cars to smartphones, knowing the way from A to B is a less prized skill. Just ask the London taxi drivers who spent years learning The Knowledge but are now undercut by minicabs.

My reaction to this is that it makes memorizing geographical knowledge less important, and paper maps obsolete, but it won’t kill Geography as a valuable skill to have in many jobs. Those maps will have to be maintained, and geographical skill will become more valuable for certain jobs.

32) Chuck Norris’s reputation
The absurdly heroic boasts on Chuck Norris Facts may be affectionate, but will anyone take him seriously again?

Really? Does not belong on this list. Here’s an Internet meme for you, caps: DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS LIST. Probably the only reason you know about “Chuck Norris Facts” is the Internet itself. Confess up. Is this another snotty-nosed understated British swipe? Maybe you really just don’t like his Christianity and conservatism.

33) Pencil cricket

An old-fashioned schoolboy diversion swept away by the Stick Cricketbehemoth

Ho-hum. Another vestige of the fading British Empire. Never heard of it till I read your list. Cricket is for former British colonies, too. Except for the US. (See me shrug)

34) Mainstream media
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Rocky Mountain News in the US have already folded, and the UK’s Observer may follow. Free news and the migration of advertising to the web threaten the basic business models of almost all media organisations.

There’s another thing that accelerates that death. The Internet has freed up information from the government-media complex. It has exposed the controlled editorial line of Government Approved Media. We freethinking minds have been better able to connect. Good riddance. The Internet is the best fact-checker and baloney-checker we have, and I don’t mean gatekeeper sites like Snopes, which was created by a Bill Clinton donor.

Thanks to the Internet we see reporters exposing political corruption with an amplified voice, like Glenn Greenwald and Ben Swann. Like and

38) Viktor Yanukovych
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine was organised by a cabal of students and young activists who exploited the power of the web to mobilise resistance against the old regime, and sweep Viktor Yushchenko to power.

This item was another personal bias showing. (More like the days of international intervention in the shadows is over. The Internet shines a light on international subversion).

The days of foreign meddling in the dark is what is dying. The chasing out of Yanukovych was more along the lines of “The Empire Strikes Back”. Your description of the so-called “Orange Revolution” is a misnomer. The Internet has facilitated exposing that as a cover story. The Old Guard did exploit the “power of the web”, but even before Yanukovich had to flee, we had what we might call “The Web Strikes Back”.

The world has been able to “listen in” to the conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine where they talked about who they would make the president in Ukraine. Russia’s machinations are not completely covert anymore, either, but they’re “lying low” for now.

The world can also see the difference between the treatment of Yanukovich and how they rejoiced at a violent overthrow of the elected president, and another episode in 2009. Contrast the way the Old Establishment Media treated the constitutional removal of the “elected” president om Honduras (who admitted his campaign committed fraud in an interview) Manuel Zelaya, who began issuing unconstitutional orders in his last year, promoting lifetime re-election of the presidency, organizing a phony “referendum” then “survey” to consolidate power, violating laws passed by Congress and acting like court orders did not apply to him.

46) Staggered product/film releases
Companies are becoming increasingly draconian in their anti-piracy measure, but are finally beginning to appreciate that forcing British consumers to wait six months to hand over their money is not a smart business plan.

Much more than that. All the market manipulations enforced by political boundaries are melting. The Centralization power cliques are trying to subsume nations under a global NWO but the cross-border tendencies are subverting that.

Village leapfrogs national telecom and lays its own 1-gps Super-Broadband

July 13, 2014

Here’s a solution they did even in over-nationalized economy of Britain:

Villagers became so fed up with their slow internet connections they dug trenches and laid down superfast broadband cables to each property themselves.

Now residents of the hamlet of Dolphinholme, Lancs, benefit from one of the fastest broadband networks in the UK with speeds of up to one gigabit per second (Gbps).

The tiny community, which comprises a pub, village hall, two chapels, a garage and a smattering of homes, had repeatedly asked BT to connect them to a new superfast cable but were refused due to their remote location and cost.

So a group of residents volunteered to connect all the cottages by digging trenches and laying the cable themselves, with the help of rural broadband provider Broadband 4 Rural North (B4RN).

Allen Norris, who lead the Dolphinholme B4RN Action Group, said it had been “life-changing” for the village.

Hurrah for them. The word can spread fast in Cyberspace, so other towns will be repeated this. Wireless broadband won’t be far behind if technology advances apace. Already, cell phonea and then smart phones have leapfrogged past telephone wiring installation to reach almost all the formerly phone-starved barrios in poor countries. The poorest shack might have a smart phone in there somewhere, and they’re looking at Youtube.

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Obama is purging top military brass: 9 generals so far

July 12, 2014

Have you been paying attention to all the changes that Obama has been making in the US Military? I mean beyond all the political grandstanding and doing stupid things like locking the chaplains out of their posts during the government shut down (for which a Catholic priest in now suing the president). It seems that Obama has been engaged in his own private ‘purge’ of generals and other leaders at the very top of the US Military.

On October 12th, this story was even noticed by Dianne Sawyer of ABC News. You see, there have 9 top level military leaders and commanders fired or relieved of duty since April. Is Obama preparing things for some sort of big event? Nine top-level generals and commanders could definitely be considered a purge of sorts. Perhaps Obama is thinking about some options that the majority of Americans would be loathe to even consider? Several Pentagon Officials have been trying to warn the people to expect radical changes very soon. The Chinese are also thinking about getting out of the dollar and forming their own currency alliance. There is even the strong potential for 16 US States being shut down and handed over to the federal government due to such high levels of debt. Could martial law be coming?

There have also been reports that seem to indicate Obama has a litmus test for military officers these days. Apparently, he only wants officers who do not have trouble firing on US citizens. Several of these now retired officers have come forward and said that they think Obama is preparing for war against the US. We have also heard Obama himself talk about ‘My Military.’ Whatever you think might be happening, it is certainly clear that Obama is looking to change and move things in a different direction.

Best defense of capitalism and free markets

July 12, 2014

Andrew Wilson’s article on summarizes von Mises’ answer to why so many people despise capitalism.

Ludwig von Mises, a mentor to Friedrich Hayek and a major figure in economics in his own right, set out his views on capitalism and inequality in a slender book (just 113 pages) called The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality. First published in 1954, and readily available online for less than $10, it is well worth reading today.

Mises’s treatise on why capitalism sits in the dock, falsely accused of various crimes against humanity, is a classic: bravely saying what still needs to be said. It offers a robust rebuttal to the jaundiced view of capitalism found (most recently and conspicuously) in Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

In The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, Mises asks: Why do so many people “loathe” capitalism? He gives a threefold answer.

The first factor is simple ignorance. Few people credit capitalism for the fact that they “enjoy amenities that were denied to even the most prosperous people of earlier generations.” Telephones, cars, steel-making, and thousands of other advancements are all “an achievement of classical liberalism, free trade, laissez faire, and capital” — with the driving force being the profit motive and the deployment of capital used in the development of better tools and machines and the creation of new products. Take away capitalism and you wipe out most or all of the extraordinary progress that has been made in raising living standards and reducing poverty since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

The second factor is envy, the green-eyed monster, which causes many people to think they have gotten the short end of the stick. As Mises observes: “Capitalism grants to each the opportunity to attain the most desirable positions which, of course, can only be attained by the few … Whatever a man may have gained for himself, there are always before his eyes people who have outstripped him … Such is the attitude of the tramp against the man with the regular job, the factory hand against the foreman, the executive against the vice-president, the vice-president against the president, the man who is worth three hundred thousand dollars against the millionaire, and so on.”

And finally, the third factor is the unceasing vilification of capitalism by those who seek to constrain or destroy it. As Mises notes, the critics and anti-capitalists go on telling and re-telling the same story: saying that “capitalism is a system to make the masses suffer terribly and that the more capitalism progresses and approaches its full maturity, the more the immense majority becomes impoverished.”

That third reason is a big part of why God hates these lying thieves and vipers, and that if Jesus were walking around on the earth today, he would enter into the headquarters of the lying, thieving snakes and vipers of the Federal Reserve with a whole lot worse than a big long painful whip.

Read the whole article:

It totally demolishes the ludicrous arguments of one NYT-bestselling author’s view that inequality is such a great problem. Follow the other links there to see explanations of how government interference always actually creates more inequality.

Police want to force an erection and take photo

July 12, 2014

The kid is 17 years old, so this could count as “child pornography” if anybody but the police did it.


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