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Honduras needs free market capitalism

September 17, 2014

On the Honduras Weekly web site, there was an interesting discussion about the possible merits of socialism, in the context of the declared aim of the so-called “Partido Libre” in Honduras:

….socialism. For more than two-thirds of the people in the country who struggle to survive on $3 or less per day, this is probably a good idea because the primary outgrowth of such a move (if implemented competently and without generating excessive civil turmoil — both very big “ifs”) would be the redistribution of power, wealth, and control over national resources. For them, neoliberal capitalism has produced nothing but misery, so to them a new economic model emphasizing more balance in society through more government control and regulation sounds pretty nice.

It is impossible to implement any economic planning without deep understanding of economics. The problem with the study of economics in government planning is the fact that almost nobody in government planning offices have a good understanding of economics in the real world.

Government control and regulation has only made things worse where it is enforced. This is what has finally brought USA prosperity growth to a halt. That along with the boom and bust whiplash of central bank machinations, fiat money devaluation (“inflation”) that robs the poor and the elderly living on fixed-amount incomes based on questionable government-created COLA indexes, and so on.

For them, concepts like free trade, open markets, and private enterprise are of no consequence because they’re not able to compete in such a world, and so they keep getting left farther behind until all hope of ever having a good life for themselves and their children is gone

Most people don’t understand how free trade and open markets really work because private enterprise has not been truly free in the real world for a long time, except in a few isolated areas.

“Free trade agreements” might not seem to work, but that’s because we’ve not seen any. The ones they tell us about are really “managed trade” agreements where each side negotiates the best deal they can, not for the consumer or the poor, but for crony and special interests. The interests of a king or parliament or the corporate-government complex is not the interest of the housewife shopping in the grocery, or the corner store on the corner.

I don’t know offhand of any truly open markets either. Honduras does not qualify, although some of the street vendors might, when they are left alone.

The poor benefit from a free market left alone, where investors with capital area able to establish an enterprise that endures and continues to provide productive employment for those who want to work. If someone is willing to work for $3.00 a day, it is because the alternative is worse! Demanding higher pay without corresponding productivity increases for the labor will do one of the following: (1) increase the relative value of automating the activity and decreasing the labor pool (This has happened in the US, that’s why so much fast food production is automated); or (2) all other things being equal, decrease the profit margin and in some cases make the difference between bankruptcy and solvency.

In any cases, it decreases the marginal utility of a laborer for the employer. This is why the estimated 150,000 poorest earners lost jobs with Zelaya’s sudden doubling of the minimum wage.

The economic differences between North and South Korea is the difference between socialism and capitalism. Chile introduced some measures that rid themselves of much of the socialism under Allende. Under the runaway socialist regime, the nationalized copper mines had been losing money, had increased rates of accidents, and political appointees instead of technical managers.

When they sold the mines back to Anaconda, they became tax contributors again and accidents went down. They introduced a choice in the retirement plans and did not force workers to contribute to a state controlled plan. One of the most frequent wish list items Ron Paul got from young people was that they wanted to opt OUT of the socialist social security system because they do not have faith.

I spoke this very day I write this with an employee of the Social Security Administration. She says she hopes there is still something left when she gets to retirement age!

This next point the writer made is absolutely true, more than he realizes I think:

Capitalism is all about competition and profit, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that… so long as there is a level playing field.

I say probably more because once you understand how economics works and how government works, you understand that there is a guarantee under government that there is never a “level playing field”. This is because government, especially with socialism, is based on force. If Mr. Tax Collector Smith takes your money under threat of force, it is theft. It does not matter in the real world who does it.

Remember Mohamed Bouazizi? He was the man in Tunisia who set himself on fire in protest. One of the last things he said that day to his brother was “Poor people have a right to do business too!”.

Earlier that day, he had gone to the plaza with his “capital good”, a balance to weigh the produce he was going to sell there. He was a poor street vendor. Since he was not paying the fees and taxes to authorities, since he was violating government regulations, a policeman confiscated his balance and sent him away.

Self-contradictory government

September 16, 2014

Whether for good or for filthy lucre, political office (or any government position) most of all attracts those who seek power over others.

C. S. Lewis pointed out that the worst atrocities come from people who supposedly are motivated by good goals, since they use those goals as a salve for their conscience.

Ends justifying the means,

They had to destroy the town to save it,

They put poor Terry Schiavo out of her misery,

They have to kill the baby still inside to save it from a horrible existence in a horrible world,

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,

They had to put the unskilled out of work to enforce the living wage,

They have to steal from the productive sectors to support “good government”,

They have to bomb and invade and disrupt and shoot suspicious natives to give them “democracy”,

They had to stop a bad guy from developing nuclear weapons even though the CIA warned us off,

They had to inject a few blacks with syphilis (Memphis) (and we promise we won’t do it again?),

They had to lie about Gulf of Tonkin to help the war industry, er, I mean, stop Communism,

They (Custer’s troops) had to kill the women and children in the village because there weren’t any braves there,

They had to threaten Salt Lake City to get them to give up polygamy,

They had to destroy the economy and make everybody poor to eliminate inequality (stop looking at federal salaries!),

They had to fudge the numbers so people could be more optimistic about the economy,

They had to rob the victims to save the banking system,

They had to set up central banks including the Federal Reserve to hide their theft and corrupt the government,

…Never ending story…

But Jesus is coming back soon, and

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”- Psalm 9:17.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. -Isaiah 1:18


Who to believe? The government, or our lying eyes?

September 11, 2014

Why should we just believe what the government-media organs tell us? There is alternative media plenty.

Why should we believe the people in power who want more power and who have been persecuting Christians here “at home” who tell us that the other guy out there is the boogeyman under our beds?

The enemy of the American people is the ruling clique that sold us Gulf of Tonkin, WMD’s in Iraq, that we could impose “democracy” by invasion, that the Arab Spring was peace breaking out all over, that getting rid of Gaddafi would stop the brutality against civilians (even as the NATO-supported al Qaeda wiped out a town of 10,000 blacks completely probably mostly Christian). These people told us on Bush’s timeline and Obama’s execution that Iraq was ready to take care of itself. They told us that Assad’s government had used chemical weapons when there was all the evidence to the contrary and they got exposed for planning it months ahead.

They told us the financing, weapons, and training for rebels in Syria was for “moderates” when we see that there was no such thing and obviously they were building up this apparently renegade branch of Al Qaeda. They told us al Qaeda was popping up everywhere, a danger to Americans everywhere. American’s didn’t buy one story, so now they have another one, ISIS, stamped “Made by American USG”.

They told us that Obamacare was going to save us money, we could keep our insurance plan if we liked, our doctor too. They told us the IRS was not targeting conservatives, then they sort-of unofficially admitted it, then they told us they weren’t. They told us there was “not a smidgen” of corruption in the IRS or government when we can plainly see it with our eyes. They told us the NSA was not spying on Americans, was not keeping track of domestic phone calls.

They told us that robbing your pockets to pay for somebody else’s abortifacient chemicals was to respect both religious freedom and the rights of women. They told us that requiring ID to vote is racist, that disagreeing with a black president is racist.

Man oh man. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on YOU.

But if you fool me -not- a hundred times, and I catch you in your lies a thousand times, and THEN fool me and me willing, then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH **-ME-**???

Why the KJB?

September 11, 2014

First things to realize that (1) God promised that his Word would be preserved forever, (2) not one jot or tittle would fail till ALL be fulfilled, (3) that the “jot and tittle” is a reference to unit of meaning, not Hebrew marks, (4) that this would have to mean a recognizable Word, since a scattering of bits and pieces hidden away in between false renditions or faulty translation does not qualify, (5) and that God is not the author of Confusion…

Following logic, that takes you to the first milestone where you realize that (6) now you have to go find that One Perfect Innerant and Pure Word of God somewhere on Earth.

Add to that the logic that God has said in his word that (7) he has “lifted thy Word above thy Name”! It even says that in the Jehovah Witness’ “version”.

Since God has historically given us his world in the past in at least three languages recognized by modern translation advocates, and there are at least a dozen passages in the Bible that are themselves translations, we must accept that (8) it could be in a “live language” rather that a dead one now unspoken.

Since (9) there is NOT ONE place in scripture that says God will never inspire a translation, accept that this one Bible we concluded at step (9) *must* exist can also exist in one language. One standard at least. Maybe more, but at least one.

Since we know God is interested that (10) “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached for a witness to all nations”, we can know that (11) God would very much want to inspire his Word for the generations leading up to the endtimes in the most far-reaching manner that could support getting into ALL nations.

For #11, note that God would not have inspired the translation for the end times in the language of a small Amazon tribe, that’s easy to see. As for Chinese or Spanish, lots of people speak it but they do not have the ubiquitous reach of English into all corners of the world.

That’s (12).. English is the de facto real-world and now the only candidate for being THE undisputed international language.
Air traffic controllers at EVERY international airport worldwide are REQUIRED above all to speak fluent English.
Doctors in Latin America tell me they must follow new developments in medicine from journals in English.
One of the world’s most foremost “hackers” Eric Raymond wrote an article on how to be one, and at the insistence of dozens of foreign peers, including mastery of English in the list.
All programming languages are derived from English-based words or abbreviations in their syntax.
The international language of business is English.
The international language of science is English.
The international language of diplomacy and trade is English.

(13) Once you reach step (6) though, it’s only a few months that you get it. Usually that’s it.

Where else could it be?

▶ All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars – FULL version – YouTube

September 10, 2014

Always ask yourself, why is the Political Mob in charge going after this guy?

September 8, 2014

When they go after political figures that are getting popular with criminal charges, sometimes the charges are real but I always ask myself, why are they picking on him when the prosecutors themselves, the Justice Department itself, the Party Bosses themselves, the White House itself, has so much worse stuff going on?

Like the movie with Abramoff that had him being pounded in hearings led by McCain, that had him imagining shouting the truth out loud there about passing him (and Dems and Reps alike of course) big wads of cash. Abramoff was caged but the bigger criminals are left free to roam and pillage and loot our pockets still.

Mrs. Ron Paul: They are going after my son!

EPJ has learned that Carol Paul, the wife of Ron Paul, has been telling close associates that the developing Ron Paul Inc. scandal is about going after Rand, and to a significant degree she is correct.

I would say that many of the early players in the developing scandal just wanted to clean out what they viewed as bad, incompetent political operators, around both Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann. As far as the Ron Paul actors, they were for removing Ron Paul Inc. operatives who were not interested in maintaining a consistent libertarian posture on issues, especially when it came to foreign policy.

However, since the initial investigation has caught the eye of the Department of Justice in a big way, this is going way beyond Kent Sorenson, Dmitri Kesari and Jesse Benton.

This is about going after the entire Republican Party, with Mitch McConnell and Rand as the main targets, or at least their campaign operations as big targets.

As I have pointed out, the DOJ lawyers involved with this case were involved in the Justice Department takedown of Jack Abramhoff. In other words, these lawyers aren’t in this to get low level players.

The speculation as to where this scandal goes consists of two threads, both of which go through Rand, but the ultimate target being the Republican mainstream.

Educate educate, and Christ liberates you where you stand

September 8, 2014

Education, education, education.. Advocate hard for whatever one can do… Home schooling..

I don’t think we’re going to have real freedom though until Jesus comes back and we get into the Millenium.. Meantime, I think eduction in the principles of liberty will make it much harder for them to complete the totality of the tyranny they push. Ron Paul didn’t “accomplish” any changes in law or restrain their attack on liberties, for example, but it has certainly given them beaucoup headaches and made it harder. And a bit slower.

Already I think it was John Kerry or maybe Hagel that said “This Internet thing makes it hard to govern”.

Christ is the great liberator. “The state” everywhere hates religious affiliations it doesn’t control. It’s hard to believe that the oligarchy and their shadow secret societies couldn’t figure out what some Muslims would do with their arms and equipment and organization and training, like the CIA-created Osama bin Laden and in the “Arab Spring” and now the CIA-built ISIS.

I say USG has done enough damage already to Muslims, not to mention making life *literally* impossible for Christians in the Middle East. Enough meddling already. “Trade with all nations; entanglements with none” was Thomas Jefferson’s guide.

The US now has the blood of tens of thousands of Christians everywhere dripping from its hands. Brother Andrew of Open Doors begged of Bush NOT to make war in the Middle East. The brave Syrian Christian that stood up at McCain’s town hall in Arizona said “I’m begging you” not to bomb Syria even as she was rebuking him for making buddies of ISIS over there, before we knew them by that name.

Only the gullible that believe government propaganda media (aka “the liberal media”) swallow the cover story that the “Free Syrian Army” was anything but a front for what we now know as ISIS. The official propaganda organs (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News) now admit openly that ISIS was a “branch” of al Qaeda, but the new cover story is that they’re even too radical for al Qaeda. (As if CIA creation al Qaeda ever had a problem lopping off heads).

The truth is that Americans were tired of hearing about al Qaeda. Because they saw that USG and NATO intervention in Libya gave the thing over to Al Qaeda, *like Gaddafi warned you all*! Gaddafi the guy that gave up support for bad guys according to the American and British presidents and courts, who let them remove all his nuclear program. Yeah and the guy who so terrorized his population that in Tripoli he gave out the deadliest of firearms in his arsenal to anybody and everybody who wanted them so they could repel AL QAEDA terrorists supported by NATO.

Keep exposing the lies and that’s where the battle is won. Electing somebody like Ron Paul right now is better than anybody else the government press has offered us as menu choices (we want somebody who’s not on that menu), but people need to be educated first, because there will be major pains in any adjustment back to sanity and free market liberties.

Ayn Rand exposed her true colors on Israel

September 8, 2014

First time I’ve heard of the PSI was today. Looks like an NWO-global government initiative…

I dont’ know if the lower-case “i” in this paragraph from one web page of theirs is deliberate, but same difference:

“The key characteristic of the future of the internet though will not be technological. Rather, the future of the internet will be defined by the way it enables a loosely integrated and constantly changing fabric of communication, collaboration, tele-immersion, and data and analytic services to enhance the decision-making processes of the human network.”

Watch out for a new psy-war type saturation of Internet themes that push that kind of thing.

In other words, they want to use this data network to coordinate their bellwether sheep (their “factilitators”) in driving the rest of the sheeple where they want them. They want to control the Internet but their step-by-step (stealthy) increases in control have not been able to keep up with THE Internet. Internet has connected freedom-minded folks against Leviathan. Like Bundy. Like the pathetic Occupy thing that fizzled because everyone saw it wasn’t a grassroots thing. Like the people’s roar against bombing Syria to help al-Qaeda. It’s giving them a hard time right now over ISIS, because they want to use it to convince Americans it’s okay to bomb Syria now.

Even Michael Savage was heard yelling at a caller who wanted to bomb Syria over ISIS. He finally got her to say “Israel”, He says “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Israel! What about MY country?!”

Ayn Rand showed her true colors in my opinion when they asked her whether the US should support Israel:

From wikipedia:
[[[... Rand contended Arab resentment for Israel was a result of the
Jewish state being "the sole beachhead of modern science and
civilization on their (Arabs) continent", while decreeing that "when
you have civilized men fighting savages, you support the civilized
men, no matter who they are."...]]]

She said the same thing about the Europeans “robbing” the land from the Indians (avoiding mention of the brutal atrocities like Custer’s massacre of women and children that provoked “Custer’s Last Stand”.

Ayn Rand’s followers in the Ayn Rand Institute and others who declare allegiance to “objectivism” seem to think it is a “natural” order that divides “civilized” men who deserve to benefit from the ascendancy of the capitalist heroes in her narratives, from the “savages” who have no rights because they don’t appreciate civilization.

Maybe that’s why she supported state-granted monopolies for copyright and patents. Comes “natural” for her and her accolytes.

USA-funded ISIS a real threat? So let their neighbors kick them back!

September 4, 2014

Something stinks in Denmark. Or somewhere. Form the link:

In an article yesterday at Foreign Policy, two authors reported on a ISIS laptop found in Syria with instructions for making a chemical weapon on it and noted that ISIS may have access to the facilities to take this next step, which long eluded Al Qaeda.

At “Foreign Policy”? “Two authors” sounds like a reference to the magazine Foreign Policy, which is the official organ of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has given us all the liberals and neocons and RINOs and police state advocates all these past decades.

Their very reason for being, razon d’etre, is to subjugate the United States to world “governance”. They love that word. Nobody likes government anymore. They’ve been trying to merge the US into the UN so they can deceive the world into rushing into it.

The public is starting to laugh at global warming, the alien threat looks more ridiculous every day, nobody’s buying abductions by anybody but Earthlings, war-weary America already said NO! to bombing Syria just to get another Arab “spring” country in Syria.

We ALL know they were funding ISIS in Syria, we just didn’t know the name of those shadowy rebels who were massacring Christians and entire towns and cannibalizing their victims. But they pulled a fast one, and all of a sudden we get two beheading videos for the price of one, with a British accent!

So now the guys who were reluctant before now all go out yelling all over the Obama-sycophant media demanding Obama bomb Syria! Just a few weeks ago America said NO! and the Congress said NO! so they played on one the psyche of their media victims.

Nothing like the boogeyman to scare up another war! They know people are nostalgic for the days of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Put lots of surveillance and Harry Dirty into the cop stories and add some judges who refused to sign search warrants.

All of a suddent ISIS is an “existential threat to every American interest everywhere”??? These are the guys who have been lying to us for years every time their lips move!

If ISIS was really so bad, Saudi Arabia would be forming an alliance with Iran and what’s left of the Iraq government with North Africa joining in and they’d use those AWACs and fighter jets and bombs that the United States has been giving them/selling to them for decades! Oh yeah, Turkey!

Gimme a break.

We’ve heard this song before and we don’t want it!

August 30, 2014

Let’s hear from one of the Syrian Christians themselves who hate both the Assad government AND all the rebels, even before we found out they were alQ clones:

She’s from one of the oldest Christian groups anywhere. McCain’s smirk ought to make us all mad.


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