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One Zionist Israeli settler speaks out about America and Iran

May 23, 2012

Far from me to say Dick understands anything about Iran or about foreign policy, since he also doesn’t understand that sanctions easily fall under the category of “acts of war” themselves, and more often than not cause a blowback effect like that of war:

But at the website you can read what a Zionist settler says about Iran and sanctions and aid to Israel:

Vote Ron Paul and let my people go once again! Stop meddling here and stop trying to buy influence by giving me money. Stop trying to be the all powerful Peace Maker and let us work out the problems here on our own! If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.

Now repeat after me (him): “If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.”

Rafi Farber lives in “Samaria” (that’s occupied Syrian land by the way) and he also manages the “World of Judaica” website:

What I question is they hypocrisy of many who claim they are for peace in the Middle East and question supposedly “pro-Israel” positions. George W Bush dictated at Israel just as much as Obama does.

Were they bothered by Clinton’s bomb-throwing at pharmaceutical factories in the Sudan and some hillside in Afghanistan, or his bombing of civilians in Serbia and later the civilian caravans of “Kosovars”? No, they cheered wildly when Obama sent bombs raining on Libya, and when it didn’t work fast enough because so many Libyans loved him so much and enthusiastically went to the front to defend him, they started demanding more bombs and even ground troops.

And they themselves demanded that we throw away our own natural rights by shredding the constitutional ban on wars without declarations of war from Congress.

But maybe we’re just jaded, and our brain cells faded.

Demagogues, and how the Fed and the income tax rob from the poor and middle class

February 27, 2012

High tax rates in the upper income brackets allow politicians to win votes with class-warfare rhetoric, painting their opponents as defenders of the rich. Meanwhile, the same politicians can win donations from the rich by creating tax loopholes that can keep the rich from actually paying those higher tax rates — or perhaps any taxes at all.”

This is why fiat currency is the road to ruin. Even when the Fed does what their publicly stated purpose is to stabilize the dollar and maintain full employment, but they have a whole list now of other functions. Like being clearinghouse for inter-bank loans and balance reconciliation, and other things.

Here’s the difference between fiat and independent currency. If the politicians had to deal with real genuine money, with independent value, they couldn’t get enough to do what they want to do, it would be a lot harder to do it. So it’s easier to “borrow” it from the Fed, which is glad to create an accounting entry in the Treasury for, say a trillion dollars, add the trillion dollars to its “receivables” and start the interest clock, and voila the taxpayer has been had.

Not only is he on hock for future income to repay it (or his children) but assuming the cycle just continues and rolls over into another loan, it’s still more money circulating.

Meantime they had to couple that with the income tax. That way the same politicians can pretend they’re robbing the rich when in fact they’re robbing the poor and middle class. They can also pretend they’re helping the poor with that deficit money (never money they’re putting money in one pocket and taking the value right out of the other one by just “printing” money), while in fact the poor are paying taxes at gas pumps, in their rent, and in the INCOME THEY DO NOT MAKE because the income tax is swallowing up the extra dough in the money supply and circulating it in federal budgets.

And then the tighter regulations on banks to act rationally is acting to shrink up the M3 money supply.

The Fed hasn’t published M3 figures for years, saying it’s too “complicated”, but more likely they know the sheer size would scare Americans into giving the most massive political beating to their politicians in history.

It’s too complicated to calculate the money supply but Washington claims they can manage the economy??

You want clean energy? Enivro-money is ignoring the best clean energy tech

February 24, 2012

There is an energy technology with wildly astronomical potential for perfectly clean energy that costs almost nothing at all per unit compared to the tricky political control schemes cooked up by the control freaks that use the environment farce like a club:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About New Energy Science and Technology:

This MIT faculty professor quit MIT in disgust to found the Infinite Energy Foundation to explore the possibilities for this new kind of technology, Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, brutally murdered on May 14, 2004:

Check it out:

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) covers basic queries about New Energy science and developing technologies. The revolutionary New Energy field concerns spectacular new sources of energy that have achieved substantial validation in laboratories around the world, but which are not yet accepted by the scientific establishment. We welcome you to make your own judgment about what constitutes substantial validation and why the scientific establishment does not yet accept New Energy in its various forms, but please do perform your own examination of the important evidence that is gathered at this and other referenced New Energy websites and publications. Despite the great accomplishments of modern official science, we have concluded that its organizations and journals are significantly mired in obsolete science and technology paradigms that are holding back progress; we hope that you will come to appreciate this. (If, in fact, that is not your opinion already!) The existence of New Energy R&D around the world and its under-reporting and mis-characterization by the “mainstream” scientific media is evidence of a profound paradigm paralysis.

If you are new to the New Energy field, you may find the information here particularly helpful. We will continue to review and modify this FAQ to include responses to common questions from our visitors. If you have a question and the answer isn’t here, please ask us and we’ll try to answer you if the question brings up new thoughts not already addressed in this FAQ. Please understand that we cannot respond to all of our e-mail, due to limited staff time! For the most comprehensive information on current research, published papers, patents, business developments, outside media coverage, and government actions (and inaction), we recommend subscribing to Infinite Energy magazine. By subscribing— or purchasing Infinite Energy magazine at one of many newsstands in the United States and Canada, you will be helping to increase support for this field. You may download a free selection of Infinite Energy articles [Download
Selection of Articles (.pdf)
to give you an idea of what we cover and how we report on it. Infinite Energy is published by the non-profit New Energy Foundation, Inc., which is based in Concord, New Hampshire. We hope that this FAQ and the free selection of articles will encourage you to subscribe to Infinite Energy and to contribute charitably (and tax-deductibly) to our efforts.

Syria: Rebels may be more dangerous for Christians and Jews than Assad

February 19, 2012

I saw this piece calling for action by the United States to intervene in Syria on behalf of the rebels there fighting Assad, and find below my reply:

He that passeth by, [and] meddleth with strife [belonging] not to him, [is like] one that taketh a dog by the ears. (Proverbs 26:17)

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:20)

The only thing that American interventionism in the Middle East conflicts has done, and supporting these “uprisings”, is to make the world safer for much worse atrocities against Christians and Jews in these countries, where the Muslim Brotherhood is beginning to find common cause with al-Qaeda operatives and organizers.

Already the new Egyptian rulers have repudiated the peace treaty with Israel. Iraq is more dangerous for Christians and Jews than it ever was under Saddam Hussein.

Speaking of Syrian massacres, black Christians and Muslims in Libya have been slaughtered literally by the tens of thousands by these “freedom fighters” who are supported by the U.S. and the West! Including one town of 10,000 blacks, genocided, and where this new invading army totally obliterated all the physical structures of the town to prevent it from being ever rebuilt and to erase its memory. In one of their leaders’ words: “The town of Tawerga is no more”.

A lot of the black martyrs have crosses cut into their dead bodies, like in the recent genocide in Sudan.

He that answereth a matter before he heareth [it], it [is] folly and shame unto him. – Proverbs 18:3

Our black president has supported a genocide against blacks in Libya.

And now, the rebels in Syria are engaging in full-scale pitched battles with the Assad government, and they are getting lots of arms pouring in from somewhere, in yet another under-reported development, strangely missing from the Western press. It’s more like a civil war. This time, NATO has learned a PR lesson and they are supporting the rebellion quietly, a rebellion full of al-Qaeda operatives and Israel-haters and Christian-haters.

To fight these wars, America, and the West, must rely on Money Changers at the Federal Reserve, because they know that no matter how much military budget there is, the Fed will back it with “quantitative easing” which means “printing e-money”, which is a false balance. Because when they do they are robbing value from the money held by the poor and middle class.

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Iran Elections (Photo credit: bioxid)


I guess this is one way to expose petition fraud

February 4, 2012
Public's Budget Priorities Differ Dramatically...

Public's Budget Priorities Differ Dramatically from House and Obama (Photo credit: University of Maryland Press Releases)

» WI State Senate Recall Petition Rife With Invalid Signatures, Duplicates, and Errors – Big Government:

The petitions are posted on-line too, and there are observers from various groups watching the verification. They even had to put the heat on the GAB (the “Government Accountability Board”, what a concept) to get them to do a serious job of verifying.

People are people, and human nature is the same, and the two big parties have had their scandals.

15 years of global cooling and counting

January 31, 2012

Forget global warming – it’s Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again) | Mail Online:–Cycle-25-need-worry-NASA-scientists-right-Thames-freezing-again.html

Anybody can see that the sun overwhelms everything men can do in the space of 12 hours! The temperature fluctuates with differences of anywhere from 10 to 20 to 50 degrees in ONE DAY, actually HALF a day, just by whether it’s facing the sun or turned away from the sun!

Of course the sun is the overwhelming influence on the climate!

Heat and carbon dioxide are fantastic for plant growth!

Published at WSJ: Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming

January 29, 2012
English: No fear of global warming here...

Image via Wikipedia

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Image via Wikipedia

English: Graphic illustrating the percentages ...
Image via Wikipedia

Sixteen very prominent scientists have signed a letter published by the Wall Street Journal demolishing the call for killing the economy with decarbonization in the name of global warming:

Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming – WSJ

Editor’s Note: The following has been signed by the 16 scientists listed at the end of the article:

A candidate for public office in any contemporary democracy may have to consider what, if anything, to do about “global warming.” Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists demand that something dramatic be done to stop global warming is not true. In fact, a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed.

In September, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever, a supporter of President Obama in the last election, publicly resigned from the American Physical Society (APS) with a letter that begins: “I did not renew [my membership] because I cannot live with the [APS policy] statement: ‘The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now.’ In the APS it is OK to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible?”

In spite of a multidecade international campaign to enforce the message that increasing amounts of the “pollutant” carbon dioxide will destroy civilization, large numbers of scientists, many very prominent, share the opinions of Dr. Giaever. And the number of scientific “heretics” is growing with each passing year. The reason is a collection of stubborn scientific facts.

Perhaps the most inconvenient fact is the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now. This is known to the warming establishment, as one can see from the 2009 “Climategate” email of climate scientist Kevin Trenberth: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.” But the warming is only missing if one believes computer models where so-called feedbacks involving water vapor and clouds greatly amplify the small effect of CO2.

Bully for them. Read the article. A new blow to Orwellian thought-control myths.

Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior | Techdirt

January 25, 2012

A friend in a forum of one of my subscriptions posted this link and a quote from it:

Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior | Techdirt:

Comment: “Mega is no Saint that is for sure but I worry that this is only the beginning.I have no trust and pretty much zero approval of this Government and this Government has shown itself to be liars,hypocrites,and money takers.If you ask me I will state that Washington is full of worse crooks than Megaupload…”

I think maybe the author doesn’t quite get a finger on the essence of what is really bothering him.

It used to be that it was just specific actions that were said to be illegal, and you did it or you didn’t. Now there are “intentions” that are illegal. Certain patterns of bank withdrawals that are around say $9,000, was used as “proof” that somebody was avoiding the reporting requirement that forces banks to report any withdrawal of amounts exceeding $10,000. The pattern itself was defined in court as proof enough, by itself, of the crime of intentionally withdrawing less than $10,000.  This should be no business of the government.

but with some of the legislation of recent decades especially, ambiguity rules and too much power is given to enforcers this way. Too many petty mini-dictatorships with too many little government fiefdoms that arbitrarily make life miserable for any given citizen, all in the name of “protecting” the citizens.

In this case, it just looks like a little of this and a little of that and a little bit of mind-reading and it adds up to criminal infringement even though each particular item in the list when taken alone is legal. Presumably that’s why it’s described as “evidence”, not a factual lawbreaking. So what is the actual illegal act that was done that does not depend on a list of legal activities?


See Jonathan Coulton’s blog post on the subject here:

Establishment economists do what they’re paid to do, denounce gold standard

January 21, 2012

“rawstory” delivered up a story from AFP about a “panel” of 40 economists, “bipartisan” they said and repeated (oh yeah?), that denounced the idea of returning to a gold standard. They used the word “bipartisan” while they also mentioned that the other candidates are feebly echoing Ron Paul‘s support for a gold standard:

AFP was pathetically backwards wrong on the Honduras situation in 2009, so I’m not surprised they repeat this globalist neo-conservative disdain for using money of genuine intrinsic independent value.

And “bipartisan” my rear end! as the expression says it. How stupid do you guys think we are? Go back to your Money 101 class, even Keynes bow to “full faith and credit of” clause, it’s a Keynesian trade secret.

What people need is a medium that is immune to the political whims of bankers like the ones that own the Federal Reserve, like gold. They can’t manipulate its worth, which these Master Manipulators think is a bad thing.

When the Fed increases the money supply, it’s the big banks that get the big dollars first, and that means they and their best and biggest clients the biggest corporations can use it to multiply their own record profits. Now with more money floating around prices go up because they chase after the same production of goods and services, ==> and that is the ROBBERY BY STEALTH that is fiat currency.

These are “experts” blessed by the political rulers to give their religious blessing. It’s an “opiate for the masses” so the blind can lead the blind into the ditch.

Ron Paul is right. Golden Rule Government is the best for all of us, the poor most of all.


Obama continued the wars and made new ones, expanded the debt, made no real cuts, supports the Fed

January 18, 2012

There are some good points on one blogger’s site but I’ll quote it to make my own points. Arguing by text seems to be the way that brings out the best articulation in me, so thank you for that… Snippets from her blog and my replies follow below:


been disappointed with President Obama. He has moved much further to the right than I expected, and he seems to have been very late in discovering that what he called negotiating we called betraying his supporters. He has referred to liberals as “sanctimonious”. And like everyone else in American politics he has become beholden to big money. Some of his largest contributions come from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Time Warner, IBM. But in this era of he-with-the-most-money gets the most “free” speech, I don’t know what he can do about that.

First, I hate the way Conformist Media has us tricked into thinking of all “political” and now even social and personal issues as “left” and “right”. It’s a false dichotomy, a false spectrum. China has introduced a lot of capitalist ideas into its ruling philosophy as applied, and now even Cuba, a couple of years after Fidel Castro confided to a New York Times reporter that the Cuban model doesn’t even work for Cuba anymore, Raul Castro has introduced some measures that allow a limited real estate market. Raul Castro had already told the islanders they could do limited retail selling. But after three such “thaws” since the regime took over, for awhile they’ve had a hard time convincing them they are serious.

But this left-right thing can be deceiving. The most important spectrum is freedom. How much liberty does the regime permit? There is national socialism, and there is international socialism, and the only difference is that ethnicity is added to ideological brand for where you are in the rulers’ hierarchy. A dictatorship is a dictatorship. Like the slogan says, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

I told some fellow techs in a coffee-break general topic forum in 2008 that Obama would be George W Bush Extended Version.

He does get money, indirectly and/or directly, from all those big-bucks money changers in the list above, and so do all the major Republican Party contenders –notably EXCEPT ONE of them. Keep in mind, that lonely voice of reason predicted all the major bubbles and busts we have had, years before they matured into the disasters we’ve seen happen.

I said that then and now see my predictions fulfilled:

1. He not only continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of bringing them home like he promised, but expanded the reach of American militarism to Yemen, Pakistan, and Libya. In Libya, Americans supported the gangs that wiped out an entire town of black folks and have promised to totally destroy what remains of it. America’s media reported that there were “African mercenaries”, code word for blacks.

2. BOTH the DEFICIT and more importantly the DEBT expanded exponentially from Bush’s preposterous years.

3. The Federal Reserve continues unchecked, even though Ron Paul‘s persistent demands and Americans’ growing awareness pushed through the legislation to have them tell us where they put all that secret bailout money. Free dollars “lent” out (paid back but with more loan money) to European central banks and private banks and domestic banks and corporations.

And money supply inflation continues, devaluing the dollar and robbing the poor and the “middle class” by stealth.

But he does deserve some credit, so here goes: my late-night effort to look for reasons to support President Obama.

1. President Obama has proposed a Jobs Bill that will reduce unemployment, and will not increase the deficit. Republicans have blocked it, but he has done what he can do get around the blockade.

A jobs bill that takes money from the private sector to pay for government sector jobs (which is much if not most of what that “jobs bill” does, just moves money around but with a cut for the tax collectors. He proposed it knowing it would not pass so he could get something new to blame on Republicans, because his support for TARP and for “stimulus” and for the Fed’s freely giving out dollars to friends and buddies everywhere did nothing to help the jobs scene.

His proposals also detract from job-killing over-regulation that he was going to put in place this year. But his advisers have been smart enough to tell him to postpone them till 2013 because they know that those measures will just be an extra private sector cost that could otherwise go to jobs.

Jobs can be had by pulling back his administration’s blocks on oil drilling in the continental United States. Measures that Ron Paul has suggested that the executive can do simply by writing CONSTITUTIONAL orders to bring home American troops right away instead of “someday”, would bring all that military spending to us rather than overseas, for example. And letting people use whatever they like for a medium of exchange as a transition to a more prosperous economy based on sound money.

2. He has created a Consumer Protection Agency, which you will benefit from. The Republicans have tried to gut it of all it’s authority and have refused to accept as its leader the woman who has done the most work on it, but at least it now exists.

The Consumer Protection Agency is just another agency with more regulations to come. Recent mandates on banks have already backfired, because banks find other ways to make profits as they are required to do by law as an obligation to their stockholders (remember Enron?).

That is just another example of how central planning by political powers never works, or works backwards from the intended good cause. Poor people are better served by better financial education, to help level the playing field, so they can force the bigger banks to actually compete with each other, rather than these measures that only favor the biggest banks. Because the biggest banks are the ones that have the staff to study these things.

3. He has appointed two moderates to the Supreme Court, moderates who actually have legal credentials and high scores from the bar.

“Moderates”? Kagan had no more credentials than George W’s friend he tried to foist on us and which was derisively hooted down by both halves of the ruling political duopoly cartel. What the Supreme Court needs is more judges who respect the actual Constitution as written, not the ones who might do as Obama said once they should do, “redistribute the wealth”. There is no constitutional mandate to rob Peter to pay Paul, no matter how good the cause. It backfires anyway. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, except there are a lot fewer new bosses, as power is concentrated.

4. He has cut taxes for the middle class and for small business, and has tried valiantly to reduce the loopholes that allow the rich to take more and more from the poor. (Yes, hard-earned money from the working poor IS being re-distributed to the rich. And no corporations actually pay the tax rate that Republicans are fond of quoting.)

“Cut taxes”? I’d like to see a link on that. If you mean the payroll tax, it’s a bogus attempt to help the poor because it only accelerates the rush to the negative region for the social security and Medicare programs. Ron Paul wants to keep those benefits for the elderly who have paid into it all their lives but set the young people free to opt out. It will not be there for them anyway.

And hard-earned money is being redistributed to the rich, but the worst way it is being done is with deficit financing and “quantitative easing”, a euphemism for PRINTING MONEY. This is theft out of the pocket pure and simple. It is the “false balance” spoken of in the book of Proverbs in the Bible, referring to merchants that deceive their buyers with a false weight and measure for what they’re buying, and it’s an abomination.

People have a right to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The man whose self-immolation sparked the Arab “Spring” last year told his brother shortly before that “The poor also have a right to buy and sell”.

Corporations are not people, but people who know how to create wealth should not be robbed of it, they should be encouraged to do more of it.

My wife is from Honduras, and today in the poorest barrios you will find thousands of not just cell phones but iPhones and Android devices and the like. Things like cell phones, smart phones, the Model T, steam engine, light bulb, and the proliferation of other such conveniences and necessities were driven by entrepreneurs in the free market and the profit motive.

Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, where no profit was allowed, even their trucks were made based on the engineering specifications stolen from the West (according to Cuban refugees here in Miami who used them in Cuba).

5. He captured Osama bin Laden

And the now retired CIA officer who headed up the search for Osama bin Laden has endorsed Ron Paul for president. As to military prowess and who do active military personnel trust most for our nation’s defense, Ron Paul receives by far the most support both in numbers of donations and in total amount from active military personnel, than ALL of the other candidates COMBINED.

6. He has made some effort to address the very real and serious environmental problems.

The most serious environmental problem today is petty bureaucracies who use discredited science as props for political micro-control over the economy, to get us used to government controls, socialistic controls “for the collective good”. Long before climategate, real bona fide genuine climatologists were already exposing the sloppy methods and demanding release of data and debunking the versions sold to us by the politically powerful.

Michael Crichton totally annihilated the idea of spending trillions on this thing, and slams the false science.

Al Gore has his own beach house, I’ve heard. He’s not scared of rising sea levels. He blows the cover off the AGW “scientists” themselves, who have admitted they cannot make precise accurate reliable long-term climate projections.

Go look for Crichton’s essays, especially the one titled “Aliens Cause Global Warming”.

And if you think there’s a disaster on the way, do what Christians have done to help those who hurt throughout the ages, and do your part, But to do takings and legal forcings to support your idea is tantamount to theft. It’s as if I were to use taxes to subsidize tobacco or oil drilling, which I also oppose just as strongly.

7. He has put a stop to the policy of allowing politicians to re-write scientific reports.

That “re-writing” and the politicization of “scientific reports” will never ever never stop until we kick government out of the business of picking and choosing which projects to subsidize. The ones that have promise get grants that fund the research, and then the researches go out and start companies with the new technologies. The CDC and NIH and FDA are among the biggest obstacles to health research today.

Science must be freed totally from government dominance.

For example, how much hot fusion research is being funded? It’s in the billions and billions in 2012 dollars.

For example, the way the science research industry has warped the field so bad is hot fusion research, which gets billions and billions. The ITER reactor is “an international boondoggle”.

The real energy revolution endorsed even by the late Arthur C. Clarke is what has promise. Scientists and environmentalists who are serious about clean energy should be supporting this promising field instead of wasting resources on demanding more government intervention into everything:

The president knows about this technology, you bet, because Clarke joined in the noise at the authorities to support it, and it is maybe a similar threat to big money interests like Tesla, the inventor of alternating-current technology and others.

If you endorse government taking care of all of our “collective” problems then you have to concede the point that “government knows best” to the biggest polluting nation of all time, the Soviet Union.

Eugene Mallove is the unsung hero. After MIT lied about the success it was having with repeats of the Fleischmann-Pons results, he quit in anger and started the “Infinite Energy Foundation” to finance research into this new technology.

8. He has instituted a more humane policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to travel to visit their parents and children.

Credit where due, I support allowing free and open trade with anyone, which is a way to spread the Gospel and the message of freedom. In the interest of truth be told, though, the US embargo should not be an impediment on Cuba’s development, because it is the ONLY nation that disallows trade and would be more poverty-stricken than it is if not for Cuban relatives subsidizing them from Miami,

9. He has removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research.

Not even George W Bush placed “restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research”, he only took federal money out of NEW embryo lines, a kind of cop-out for him, since those are the lines that they reproduce ad infinitum.

But growing pieces of babies in a lab is not only unethical to those who realize that the baby in the womb is still a baby, it is macabre.

Besides that, it has proven totally ridiculous waste of resources. While there are 72 actual present uses for ADULT stem cells helping people today, there are none for embryonic stem cells except for those that adult stem cells are already accomplishing.

That’s why PRIVATE money is already funding adult stem cell research, with spectacular results. And that’s why the “new mad scientists” were so demanding of the public treasury for this.

10.He can put a sentence together, even a compound or complex sentence, complete with subject and verb. This may not be important to you, but it is important to our standing in the larger world.

George W did not know how to say “nuclear”, but both he and Obama have continued the failed federal policies of intervention in local education. Obama reads teleprompters pretty good but of course has been caught pants-down without it, and for interviews demands a veto over interview questions before the fact. He’s been caught getting irritable if something is not by script, same as lots of them from both faces of the two-faced political cartel,.

Would anyone care to add to my list? Or challenge my list?

There’s my answer. I prefer not to use the word “challenge”, because it is not important “who” is right, what matters is “what” is right.



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