Politifact is politi-wrong, wrong, wrong, and conservative and freedom-oriented groups WERE and ARE targeted at the IRS

November 23, 2014

Politifact tells half-truths and left out an important factoid in saying the IRS was not targeting conservative groups or targeting tea-party groups for their conservative views:

In all those hundreds of words, not once did they mention that the story broke when Lois Lerner replied to a staged Q&A by declaring that the IRS did indeed target groups with ‘tea party” in their name, and “patriot”, and please tell us again how including “9/12 project” in a targeted list for stalling and special scrutiny is not a matter of targeting as non-factual and half-factual “Politifact” even admitted in the article, “a movement started by conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck”. And too, “applications with missions to ‘make America a better place to live,’ statements that criticized how the country is being run, or groups focused on government spending, debt or taxes.”

Now that is most definitely a conservative-targeted hit list. Some say a different list targeted names with “progressive”, but it was a different list that most definitely did NOT get the scrutiny that tea party applications got, and no doubt some libertarian-leaning groups. (Libertarians are very harsh on taxation)

Politifact and Snopes and many of these “fact-checker” sites hide their conclusions by picking on he-said she-said minutiae while making sure they get people lost in the trees instead of getting the birds’ eye view of the forest.

In any case, I will never apply to the IRS for anything. If you’re effective, IRS insiders will share your data with the wrong congressmen (as the IRS did in this episode), and I’m sure it gets more points for auditing.

D.C. bullies – Government is bully

November 23, 2014

“The good news is that Washington is bludgeoning Wisconsin with a legal theory too cynical to succeed.”
–So said George Will, at:

>> The bad news is that cynical legal justifications never stopped the onslaught of tyrannical decrees emanating from D.C. The only thing that has stopped them –for a short time each time– was when something poked at sleeping Americans so hard that they kind of swiped back and shifted around their sleeping position enough that an arm slapped back at the offender.

The passing of the Federal Reserve Act snuck through pre-arranged on Christmas Eve 1913 when the Christian and conservative congressmen had gone home unsuspecting. I’m sure lots of people were mad, but the opponents did nothing. Charles Lindbergh Sr. became a loud blaster at it, but enough people had lost the hate for central banking that had become a tradition.

They sneaked the Income Tax amendment through too. In fact, there are web sources that expose the lie that the Amendment passed.

Whistleblowers include former pistol-packing IRS tax enforcer (forensic auditor) who got curious after hearing tax protestors’ unrelenting claims, and the IRS’ first and last official historian Shelley Davis:

Davis quotes are shocking:

“The records had been destroyed. Gone. Shredded. Tossed. They no longer exist.”

“No other agency of our government could get away with this.”

“Our fear of suffering a personal attack from the IRS generally keeps most of us in check… This ensures that it can never be held accountable for its actions. How can you prove any wrongdoing when the evidence is already destroyed?”

Servant, not slave ..

November 23, 2014

Ex 21:20 And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand; he shall be surely punished. 21 Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money.

The correct word is SERVANT. There’s the biggest problem. #1 The NASB is not only based on the corrupt Alexandrian line of manuscripts, the translators are the ignorant fools graduated at schools like Harvard Divinity full of witches, warlocks, atheists, lesbians, and the like as a graduate of Harvard tells us, John Hinton.

The modern version translators use Koine Greek lexicons who get their definitions from Gerard Kittel’s large multi-volume lexicons. Gerard Kittel was Hitler’s “Christian” spiritual adviser. All the verses in context on servanthood show it was not the chattel slavery of the Old South.

Your homeword, since you pretend to know this subject: FInd the verse that condemns in no uncertain terms any forcing a free man into slavery.

Your next assignment will be to list the multitude of Christians who argued against slavery, and campaigned to free them, beginning with Paul’s epistles.

On “genocide”, the only ones who fell were the ones who fought against the Israelites. The ones who wanted peace were left alone, including Rahab, the Gibeonites and many others. Those Canaanites sacrificed their babies to Moloch and other gods.

God had told Abraham to live peaceably with them because their cup of wrath was not yet full. They got worse later on, with more than the paganism and infant sacrifice and violence and treatment of women. The Hebrews were the first in that area to hold women up for respect, as the context of your verses make clear.

Things got better around the world with Christ’s Great Commission all around the world. St. Patrick, William Wilberforce, John Newton, in England, David Livingston in Africa and England, and in the US the entire North was anti-slavery before England was, with all the abolitionists and Underground Railroad and Abolitionist crusaders.

The legacy of Christ (not “Christians” but Christ) is that today, generally, worldwide there is a general taboo against slavery, against cannibalism, against human sacrifice, gladiator spectacles, overt imperialist conquest. Jeus said “to ALL nations”.

Jesus used OLD Testament examples to shame the Pharisees about the Gentiles. The Lebanese woman that helped Elishah would enter Heaven before the Pharisees. David’s Mighty Men were more from other tribes (including some antagonistic before) than Hebrews. Nineveh was more righteous than Jerusalem.

“Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight”

Who are they talking about?

November 22, 2014

Artists speak out about the guys behind the curtain..

Looking at the week

November 22, 2014

Rothard said Lao-Tzu was the first libertarian because his views were apparently exactly that, from history and writings. BUT how about Samuel, 1095-1040 or -1004 B.C.? Who told Israel they did NOT want a king? And that was an Israel that had existed for about 400 years, no less, with NO government at all!


Of course not even most Christians realize this, even preachers preaching from their pulpit, that this is a lesson for us today!


This info makes you wonder whether Obama told the Ferguson activists to “stay the course” so he and his gang could implement some of this Doomsday Project stuff:


And after Obama found out about the cops themselves warning residents to arm themselves for self-protection in case chaos breaks out, well, now he has later called for peace:



ast seconds of MH17:



I’m glad at least libertarians are catching on to the statist propaganda attack on children.
CPS vultures and predators:


Secession if for the left too:



Microsoft open-sourcing server-side dot-Net

November 21, 2014

And I think server-side counts most, because that’s where business resides, even personal business:

Another great comment about this news came from Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, on his blog:

[Microsoft’s] participation in these efforts underscores the fact that nothing has changed more in the last couple of decades than how software is fundamentally built. Today most software is built collaboratively. The very nature of open source development is to accelerate technology, which is why competition today is so fierce and things move faster than ever before.

Christians should preach judgment on the false shepherds in the pews and on Christian radio

November 19, 2014

PLEASE get AT LEAST this one thing clear in your head for starters: The history of the German church and Hitler is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT “my” history. It is YOURS if you are repeating such a wide swipe. I have been preaching the judgments of God against false shepherds and against pagan America since the 1970s when I joined an independent missionary work. My fellow brothers in Christ are suffering the bombings and drone missiles more than the bad guys they supposedly target.

I shouted loud in whatever forums I went to when I had the chance against GWB and shouted out about Montague’s observation that to suppress religion and stop its opposition all a government had to do was support it.

I scoffed in forums at GWB’s laughable and despicable answer to a reporter’s question that his favorite philosopher was Jesus Christ. That guy went home that night and cackled the same way Hitler did.

Most people in pews in fact are NOT practicing Christians or even believing Christians. That’s why I use the term “Biblical Christians” a lot instead of the now almost meaningless “Christians”. Saying your name is JAM does not mean you are JAM. Saying you’re a movie producer in California does not mean you are one, unless you are one.

John Newton is one of the best examples of what a Christian is. He had been a slaver and slave trader, but after he became a Christian he despised it. Christians in the 1960s and 1970s thought they were living in a Christian nation. It had already turned its back on God completely.

I know probably more than you how much those identity thieves in pulpits hurt the gospel message among sinners, because it’s an obstacle I’ve had to stumble over myself on the way back to Christ, and have to overcome almost every time the general subject comes up in conversation.

Jesus Christ was a Jew and practiced the Old Testament teachings much more than the Pharisees did. But he was not a Pharisee. St. Patrick, St. Francis, Polycarp, Iraneus, David Livingston, William Wilberforce, and yes, the long line of Six-day creationist scientist greats like Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday and (Roger? Bacon), these are the witnesses for the Gospel, who worked at following the Great Commission of preaching the Gospel to all the world and making disciples of ALL nations, including the Samaritans.

We need to stop apologizing for the people who persecute us, and start pronouncing God’s judgments on them whenever they raise their apostate heads and use God’s name in vain.

Caught my eye

November 16, 2014

A few ideas on how to “rebuild civilization” after a catastrophic collapse:


A few ideas on man’s

shrinking brain:

…Most people know by now that this blogger does not believe in Darwinian myths. However, I can believe that ancient antediluvian humans, and following the Flood too, human brains were bigger. The scientists behind this study seem to think that the shrinking brain is due to specialization among humans.

…In my opinion. that may be, but I will offer some more thoughts.

…One is that if you accept the study’s conclusions that man’s brain is now smaller, a big IF, it could also have to do with the increasing invasion of conquering forces and governments onto people, relieving them of decisions they otherwise have to make themselves.

…The other is entropy. Everything runs down, wears out. Scientists add a bit about a “closed system” so they can pretend that inorganic matter plus energy bootstrapped life into existence, which then bootstrapped itself into all other life on Earth.

Obama sends secret letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:


..He wants their cooperation in stopping ISIS

. That’s all we need.

… IT shows how Orwellian this world so-called “governance” has become. Orwell’s novel 1984 envisioned the application on massive scale of never-ending war, as a means of quelling dissenting thoughts among the populace. At one point in the novel, Orwell watches as his rulers flip the switch on who is enemies.

…One day they were at war with Eastasia. The next day they were suddenly at war with Eurasia, and all of the subjects of this dystopian society were told “We are at war with Eurasia”, therefore “We have always been at war with Eastasia”.

I think Orwell may have come face to face with the darkest underground Powers-That-Be who manipulate central banks everywhere and much more, and wrote what he could get away with, warning the rest of us.


America not so invulnerable anymore? Prophets told us way back in the 1960s this was coming.

Unreported on both sides of the Atlantic, an unarmed Russian bomber disabled all the weapons systems on big mean American destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea:

…23 sailors there asked to leave active duty immediately.

..Apparently American ships are not going near Russian shores. But Russian bombers have appeared patrolling in the Gulf of Mexico.

And, like the Syrian Christian woman told McCain, the “rebels” in Syria that were supported by the US are coming there from everywhere else…


Maduro’s Venezuela…

Like the Austrian school economists have explained, price fixing never works as publicized for any length of time at all, whether it’s consumer prices or wages:


Rationing won’t work either. Laundry detergent, cooking oil, disposable diapers, appliances, are items rationed officially and finding their way to the black market..

..So, as usual with socialist and left-fascist dictatorships, Maduro’s government now requires shoppers to give names, ID numbers, and ordered fingerprint scanners to make sure they don’t exceed ration limits.

..Meantime, the Venezuelan bribe market has expanded…


Freight train bearing down on us for 2015, Obamacare plan to starve the poor, or at least make them sick, sick, sick:


Employer mandate would have made the party flip in the Senate even bigger. How the heck did the “Oh” win election in 2012 anyway?

Socialist strategists figure, if you make the poor suffer, they’ll blame it on the rich. What the poor don’t know, and what many street-level socialists don’t know, is that the richest of the super-rich are the sponsors of the rich-bashing socialists. They play the gullible among the poor against their competitors, and George Soros and their unhappy band think they will make out on top.

The Bible predicts their demise, though, after they help Satan wreak havoc on this world…


Somebody tell the guy who wrote this article that Obamacare 2009 was Romneycare 2006 first, and before that it was HillaryCare 1993. And that Obamacare was designed precisely to usher in single-payer so-called “insurance”, which will be no more than socialized central-planning medicine:


..and the public option will lead to medical care like they had in the old Soviet Russia, and like in Venezuela, where the poor must bring their own sheets to the hospitals…


King Obama and immigration policy:


Hondurans WANT the ZEDE, socialist poverty-pushers, financed by the one percent OF the one percent hate it

November 11, 2014

Who in Honduras would not want to work in a Hong Kong or Singapore clone right there at home? Or a piece of Chile? We already know: there are already at least a million Hondurans who legally and illegally have scraped, scrimped and scratched their way to the United States to seek a job that may or may not even be on a par with the special zones they have in COMMUNIST CHINA even, for God’s sake?

Hondurans have spent there entire savings, braved land and sea, the dangers of trains and gangs and rape and what little they have left to steal, and cold and the traitorous currents of the Rio Grande, all to get a chance to get the crumbs that fall to them from the bastion of capitalists that exploit them with jobs that are better than they could ever find in Honduras.

If “social justice” organizations are really interested in helping the poor, they would (1) set up schools to teach them how to do business, even own their own (and not just women-only micro efforts, but big ones), (2) advocate (private) investment in low-temperature high energy technology, already proven feasible with products on the market, and (3) a radical change in economic models to break away from atrocious central-planning dictates from national and international command-and-control agencies like the UN. And yes, the US. And (4) advocate the end of the criminal drug wars and (5) the surveillance and police states that they foment, and (6) true peace instead of advocating for violent groups.

IF YOU CARED ABOUT HONDURANS YOU WOULD TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MANUEL ZELAYA DICTATORSHIP AND AUTO-COUP PLANS AND SUPPORT AND ABOUT THE ONES THAT SUPPORTED CONSTITUTIONALITY IN HIS ARREST: His own political party, the opposition party, the great number of teachers that braved violent retaliation to dissent from the Communist union bosses, most of the other unions, small businesses, the Catholic Church, all the Protestant churches, the rich and the poor alike and the middle class. Except for the ones that would profit directly and Lenin’s poor “useful idiots”.

Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, John Birch Society

November 9, 2014

I happened upon a Rush Libaugh segment once after it seemed a “conspiracy theory” call had just occurred. The next call that came in the guy asked, “Okay, who’s behind the curtain, Rush?” He uttered some confusion with the question, so the caller said “Like in the Wizard of Oz, Rush? Who’s the guy behind the curtain pulling your strings?”

He cut off the call, said he just wanted his audience to “see what was out there”. Then he revealed that early on in his career the John Birchers contacted him thinking he could be persuaded by them. He visited their offices and read their literature and heard their arguments about conspiracies, Rush said, but he said it “just wasn’t convinced”. And “made his decision”.

On that day, I knew he was a liar, a fake, a phony, a mole. His decision was apparently to join the bad guys cabal.

If he saw the evidence they had for a conspiracy, and says it’s wrong, then he’s a liar. He has to know that Bill Clinton’s own mentor Carroll Quigley said in his book “Tragedy and Hope” that there is such a conspiracy. Rush very much knows that Bill Clinton meant to refer to that conspiracy specifically in his 1992 Democrat Party acceptance speech.

These guys hear that X is bad and then they spit back out ever echo they’re told to think by the mind benders…

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