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December 22, 2014


First, I agree that nobody is going to go after CIA torturers. It’s a very dangerous road, kind of like the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, a real road in Palestine at the time it was mentioned in Psalm 23.

After the Honduran military, acting on the civilian Supreme Court’s orders, arrested de facto acting dictator and auto-coup architect President Zelaya for a long list of crimes and more than misdemeaners, the entire international press corps, the entire worldwide “diplomatic” corps, and the entire usual left-fascist propaganda organs immediately joined CIA-blasting Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers and Kim Jong Un and Saudi Arabia in condemning this “coup” against the elected president.

Never mind that the entire country was demanding his resignation or ouster, including the following long list:

…the Catholic Church clergy, …most of its membership, …the entire array of Protestant chuches (not characteristic of them), …the Chamber of Commerce, …most of the unions (except for the socialist leaders of the teachers’ union), …both major parties including Zelaya’s own party, …including the vice president elected with Zelaya (who had resigned in furious protest against Zelaya’s attempts to establish a lifetime dictatorship), …and every other major civic institution in the country, …and almost the entire press corps, including most of the LEFTIST national press corps.

Nobody outside of Honduras knew what was going on there, except for a pitiful few enough expats and spouses of Hondurans (like me), and Honduran-Americans. Even the alternate press was quiet, except for some articles published in libertarian circles written by the apparently closet left-fascist Craig Paul Roberts, who joined the chorus condemning Honduras for wanting MORE freedom instead of LESS.


After awhile, I noticed that the same narrative was repeated for Honduras 2009 as I saw about Chile in 1973. The exact same blame at Americans and the CIA.

I knew that in Honduras, they didn’t need no stinkin’ CIA to do anything. ALL THE VISIBLE APPARATUS OF THE USA OFFICIAL PRESENCE IN THE COUNTRY PUSHED FOR ZELAYA TO STAY AND THEN TO BE REINSTATED. Another fun fact: two months before dictator Z showed the first act of rebellion against his constitution, he went to a presidential summit in Santo Domingo where George Soros was keynote speaker. Follow the money.

Hondurans here told me they would never vote for Obama again. The American ambassador Hugo Llorens helped Zelaya’s propaganda campaign. FUN FACT: Hugo LLorens was in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez was put in power.

Argentina arrested Venezuelan agents trying to smuggle in political payoff money. Records discovered in Ecuador by Columbia showed Chavez payoffs to the FARC.

And Chavez money poured in. Nicaraguan and Venezuelan agents were arrested by the dozens.

Despite the price for marching in a pro-Zelaya protest shooting sky high and spiking the lempira to 10% higher exchange rates, the thing fizzled.

So I researched the other side of the story in Chile. Allende’s socialism had done much worse than Z’s in Honduras.


Sorry for the caps but nobody seems to be listening to this thought.

In Chile, the ELECTED Congress that had PUT Allende in power in the first place, like gentlemen (he won plurality), did not have any constitutional recourse to stop the power grab –And Allende was forming an illegal army of subversives.

So the ELECTED Congress DEMANDED in a resolution that the military interevene and STOP Allende.

“We can do nothing against the truth but for the truth”

NASA is out to get us–our money anyway to waste it

December 22, 2014

NASA indeed is out to “get” his religion and any other religious philosophy –including YOURS– that competes with the statist religion. They used to say the emperor was a god, or then the king had “divine right”, or the secular government of the Roman Catholic Church –inside and outside the Vatican both– said he was the “vicar of Christ” whose word superseded the Bible. Your religion is presumably libertarian, for which reason I don’t understand why you would not see ANYTHING the NASA promotes as being anything other than more statist programs, financed by YOUR money.

Sure, NASA and its scientists formally support the official state religion of agnostic “humanism” and the worship of the collective and they have special opprobrium for Christian faiths. It works for the same agency as PBS, Public Broadcasters for Socialism, and “Cosmos yesterday, Cosmos today, Cosmos forever and nothing else”. Man causes global warming, we must have central planning for how many carbon atoms you produce, how much water is in your toilet, how much water you get to drink, how many calories your son and daughter can have at lunch (including your 6’5” jock teenager). We admit we don’t know what 95% of the universe is, but we know it’s there, but no worries, mate, we got names for it!

Other than that, no problem!

Lindbergh blasts Roosevelt and the War Party

December 21, 2014

Charles Lindbergh tears into Roosevelt and the War Party in this audio clip:

They smeared him of being a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite, traitor, and more. But he was the son of Charles Lindbergh Sr., a senator who fought with a fierce dedication against the elite manipulators that enticed the USA into World War One and World War Two.

Before WW2, Americans hated the prospect of war. You can hear it in the reactions to Lindbergh’s speech. He also spoke at that speech about the way newspapers “lost all objectivity” and enthusiastically supported the war propaganda.

In school they taught us that this was “isolationism”. Nothing is further from the truth because Americans were already engaging in enthusiastic trade with nations around the world, except where governments had proscribed it. Roosevelt’s compliant sycophants in Congress went along with the embargo against Japan. Roosevelt was the isolationist.

And Rand Paul is right to say that those who want to continue the embargo against Cuba are the ones who are “isolationists”.

God hates war. But like the Psalmist said,

Watch this youtube from a girl who yelled at her Dad

December 21, 2014

Quite a youtube from a girl who fought with her parents a lot:

The Power Plant Smokestack Third Rail is the Lifesaver

December 20, 2014

Originally posted on Power Plant Men:

It was quite a site at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma to see a 400 pound man climbing up the ladder to the 250 foot level (halfway) of the smokestack only to climb halfway down again on the track the elevator used to go up and down the smokestack.  I was on labor crew then and I remember thinking, I’m sure glad that’s not me.

A small tour of people from Oklahoma City had come to the plant and one of the engineers was showing them around.  I think Allen Gould may remember who it was.  I’m not saying it was Allen, I’m just thinking that he was around at that time.

Power Plant Engineer Allen Gould

Power Plant Engineer Allen Gould

I think that day the wind was blowing rather hard and when the elevator was descending (going down) the stack, the power cable somehow blew over into the path of…

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OCD and the horrible evil of record blog traffic

December 20, 2014

Originally posted on The Isaiah 53:5 Project:


In the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s fair to inform my readers that I suffer from, although my wife will argue that it’s no laughing matter, a mild case of OCD.

Come on, the fact that having one hand wet drives me nuts, the belief that putting pepper on any food before salt makes the food inedible, dusting my dashboard before I start my truck, eating exactly 24 almonds every day at precisely 9:00 am…doesn’t make me crazy, does it?

So I have a few quirks, most of us do, it’s part of what makes us unique and, in my case more loveable, right?

Anyway, one of the quirks I didn’t mention above, and this one is serious, is my totally rational and understandable fear of the number 666. A fear so profound that, when it popped up on the register at a fast food joint recently…

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The Mark of the Beast

December 20, 2014

The translation of 616 for the mark of the Beast is wrong, wrong, very wrong, and it is only one modern version that was so flippant about getting it right that they put it in. Most modern versions are so corrupted that they have to have some nefarious influence. You should see what the Harvard grad ancient and modern language scholar John Hinton has to say about the other guys he had to put up with in the Harvard “Divinity” school. (Do they still call it that?)

I saw one NIV edition, for example, that said in the preface they dropped using the “thee, thy, thou” to be “more accurate”. Oh yea, like confusing singular and plural second person pronoun is going to be more accurate? Bwaa. This shows that they not only disrespect the Word, they disrespect the reader and lie to his face. Either than or the writer was abysmally ignorant and the editors cared not for the accuracy they claimed for the book.

The KJB was done by the last reliable translation team that not only respected proper scholarship but that revered the word of God.

There’s no need to fear the number itself, it’s just another number.

Its significance as the “mark of the Beast” is:

One, it is associated with commercial activity: “no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark”;

Two, it is associated with worship of the Beast (which might mean placing your personal and economic life in the hands of the governance of the Beast or his regime, above God, or other gods);

Three, it IS the “number of the Beast”, and “the number of a man”.

That third attribute points to a man who is a dictator. Other verses indicate that he wants to rule over the entire world (“all nations”).

Watch Out for 666

December 20, 2014

The Honduran telephone company once tried to change the area code for the town Progreso to 666. They got so much blowback that they relented and assigned a different code. One of the protesting voices was the mother of the head of the phone company.

Nothing wrong with the number when used as just another ordinal, and we know from Revelation 13 that the number of the Beast is “the number of a man”, and that no one might buy or sell without it.

Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

There is a company that is marketing an embedded chip. The word for “mark” in the verse is not so much superficial, as it is a word that carries a meaning more like a “groove”, in most Textus Receptus copies of the Koine Greek New Testament. That according to the best Koine Greek scholars. Thus the KJB wording is right and almost all modern translations wrong, as usual: “IN the right hand”, “IN the forehead” (my caps) is the correct rendering of the verse.

Song, “Watch Out for 666″:


There is a lot of inspiring music here:

Health, diet, cursive, and freedom:

December 20, 2014

Farming is the future, jury nullification, FDR knew, medicinal gardens, storm prep, how to wrap

December 20, 2014


Farming is the future – Daily Bell interview with Jim Rogers

…He says own land.. don’t own water because the politicians will take it from you..

…Gold under $1000, recommend buy..

…Economic collapse might come by the end of next year or 2016, but of course, I don’t know…

…North Korea

…Daily Bell: To what extent is FATCA playing a role now in impacting Americans’ abilities to do business anywhere in the world, from your experience?

…Jim Rogers: FATCA’s making it more and more difficult for Americans to do business around world – to do anything around world. When you have more and more capital controls, it obviously eventually causes problems. History’s full of examples of that. I told you we’re going to have more problems in currency markets in the next couple of years. That’s partly because of FATCA. Fewer and fewer Americans can easily move their money around. When you restrict capital flows, you also make it hard to do business. FATCA’s going to be part of the problem and make things worse. There are some places where I’ve had bank accounts a long time. They just called me up and said we love you but we’ve got to close you out because you’re an American. They’re places I’ve had accounts a long time, and I’ve always reported everything. It doesn’t matter, though. They just don’t want Americans anymore. Others won’t open accounts, as you know, so it’s certainly reducing the flow of capital around the world and it’s putting Americans at greater and greater disadvantage. –

…Daily Bell: How much is this is already contributing to the demise of the dollar?

…Jim Rogers: Unfortunately, this situation is threatening the rest of the world to come up with alternatives, which in the end are going to be bad for America and Americans. I don’t like saying this, but people are already trying to find ways to compete with the US dollar and the US banking system. This is only accelerating the process. If we stop being the world’s reserve currency we’re going to be in a serious, serious bind. This is just going to accelerate all that.



..Yeah, so now anything that might promote a jury nullification even if you exclude them all is not allowed..even if it’s evidence.. like showing that without a direct link to crime there is no crime






Takeo Yoshikawa, the smoking gun that shows FDR knew what the Japanese were planning…




.. including aloe vera, ginger, garlic, chamomile (german?) – antispasmodic—relaxes muscle tension and cramps),

Witch hazel, ginkgo, ginseng (siberian), goldenseal, licorice, peppermint, rosemary (help reduce stress and relieve headaches) (don’t take the essential oil internally), sage, st. john’s wort, thyme, tumeric…




California unprepared for storms (like most Americans):

Hurricane Sandy…Katrina new orleans… Power down one year leaves 90% of americans dead…

(My note: Mormons will probably do a lot better than 90%…)




How to wrap a Christmas gift:




amazon see:: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)



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